How To Start A Tractor In Winter

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How To Start A Tractor In Winter
How To Start A Tractor In Winter

Video: How To Start A Tractor In Winter

Video: How To Start A Tractor In Winter
Video: Starting an air cooled tractor in winter. Featuring T-40AM Russian tractor 2023, September

Recently, in many farms, a significant amount of tractor work falls on the winter period. In the climatic conditions of the middle lane, as well as in the northern regions, before starting the tractor in winter, it is necessary to warm up the engine systems and components. For these purposes, you can use individual heating means.

How to start a tractor in winter
How to start a tractor in winter


Step 1

As a rule, individual heating systems are included in the delivery. With their help, it is possible to bring the crankcase oil and fluid in the tractor cooling system to the temperatures required for smooth engine start even in severe frosts. The individual preheating system is capable of preparing the tractor engine for starting in 30 minutes even at an air temperature of 40 degrees below zero. Today, several types of pre-heaters are produced. As a consequence, the algorithm of action when using them may differ. It is necessary to consider methods of starting a tractor engine using a heating system using a specific example. As an example, we can take a closed liquid system with forced circulation installed on the K-700 and K-701 tractors. This preheating system includes a blower, a burner and a heating boiler.

Step 2

Flush the heating boiler thoroughly. Remove carbon deposits from the burner. Make sure that the blower motor is in good working order by connecting it to a 12 V circuit. In this case, the "-" wire must be connected to the body, and the "+" - to the terminal of the electric motor.

Step 3

Before starting the tractor engine, it is necessary to open the plug located on the heating boiler and drain the accumulated fuel. Close the plug and turn on the tap. Prepare the water to fill the system.

Step 4

Open the dampers of the boiler exhaust pipe and the blower. Set the heater fuel valve to the open position. Turn on the glow plug for 1-1.5 minutes.

Step 5

Start the blower motor. To do this, it is necessary to set the switch knob to the "start" position for 2-3 seconds, then smoothly move it to the "work" position.

Step 6

Fill the heating system with water by filling it through the filler neck. Warm up the engine to 80-90 degrees. Start the engine.