DIY Laptop Cooling Pad

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DIY Laptop Cooling Pad
DIY Laptop Cooling Pad

Video: DIY Laptop Cooling Pad

Video: DIY Laptop Cooling Pad
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The problem faced by laptop owners is insufficient cooling, especially when working with resource applications. The solution to this problem is a laptop cooling pad. You can buy it in the store, or you can make it yourself.

DIY laptop cooling pad
DIY laptop cooling pad

Stand drawing

Make a drawing of the stand. Its width and length should be a couple of centimeters larger than the dimensions of the computer. Mark the air intake holes on the stand. They should be as close as possible to the location of the air intake vents on the bottom of your laptop.

Transfer the drawing to a sheet of aluminum or plexiglass. Using a hacksaw, cut out the bottom, top and back covers and the side walls of the stand from the prepared sheet using a metal saw. Using a grinder, cut out the marked holes for the fans on the top cover.

Making a stand

The drawing can be done not on paper, but immediately on a sheet of metal or plexiglass. Place a powered laptop on the top cover of the shipment to mark the fan holes. Mark those places where the lid is very hot - this is where holes for air intake should be drilled. On the back cover or side edge, make a hole for the wires. Sharp and uneven edges of the holes must be filed.

All sides of the stand are fastened with self-tapping screws. To do this, use pliers or a vice to bend the edge at an angle of 90 ° on each face of the metal sheet, drill holes for self-tapping screws and fasten the edges. The edges of the plexiglass stand are held together with glue.

Cooling system manufacturing

To gain access to the fans, one of the covers (preferably the top one) should be made removable. Attach the fan to the bottom cover of the stand with self-tapping screws or glue.

Assemble the electrical circuit to turn on the fan. The chain is serial from a fan, a molecule, a USB cable and a switch. To test the operation of the chain, assemble it first without soldering. After making sure everything works, you can solder the wires using solder, rosin and a soldering iron. After soldering, the connection points of the wires are wrapped with electrical tape. If you are going to use several fans, then you need to connect them in parallel.

Decorating the stand

Clean the surfaces of the stand from dirt and grease. Using scissors and a utility knife, cut out all the necessary holes in the self-adhesive tape and carefully paste over the stand on all sides. Tie the wires with ties that match the color of your stand.

When cutting the holes for the fan, cuts may occur. If this happens, then when pasting the surfaces of the stand with film, place pieces of thin cardboard under it so that the holes look neat and the film does not break on the sharp edges of the cuts.