How To Prevent A Terrorist Attack In

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How To Prevent A Terrorist Attack In
How To Prevent A Terrorist Attack In

Video: How To Prevent A Terrorist Attack In

Video: How To Prevent A Terrorist Attack In
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The news bulletins periodically contain information about the terrorist attacks that have taken place or the prevention of them. Naturally, it is the job of the special services to identify such cases. But ordinary citizens can also contribute to the safety of their locality and the people around them.

How to prevent a terrorist attack
How to prevent a terrorist attack




Step 1

Excessive vigilance is never superfluous. It is a fact. How many terrorist attacks and crimes were prevented thanks to a call to the police of people who suspected something strange in the behavior of others or strangers! The price of such care is dozens of lives saved.

Step 2

Remember that you can install an explosive device anywhere: in residential buildings, on the roads, in public transport, in crowded places, in parking lots. Especially often such devices are disguised as objects that do not attract attention: inconspicuous boxes, bags. Therefore, if you suddenly saw an object near a store, a car, or at a bus stop, it is best to immediately inform the police by phone 02 or call 112. Calls to this number are free from any mobile phone. You can call the dispatcher on duty of the unified dispatching service even if you do not have a cellular signal on your phone.

Step 3

If you find a grenade, projectile or any other explosive object, report it immediately to the police. If you do not have a phone at hand, make this request to others.

Step 4

Do not touch the find under any circumstances. Remember that even a seemingly harmless handbag, accidentally left on a park bench, can be fatal. Better to deal with the find specially trained specialists.

Step 5

Be careful when traveling on public transport. If you suddenly find forgotten bags, boxes, briefcases, toys and other abandoned items, immediately report them to the train or the police officer. In electric trains, a special call button is intended for this purpose.

Step 6

Warn other passengers of the potential danger. Keep them away from the find. Moreover, do not try to independently check what is in the left bag or package. Do not create panic in any way.

Step 7

If you notice suspicious people in transport, in the entrance of a house, in a parking lot, who are dragging some bags, boxes, in any case, do not pay attention to yourself. Best of all, try to remember their signs, manner of speaking, communication, clothes, etc. Their description may be needed by representatives of the special services.