How To Write A Letter To Your Father

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How To Write A Letter To Your Father
How To Write A Letter To Your Father

In the age of unprecedented development of the latest technologies, writing letters has not sunk into oblivion. Despite all the convenience of communication via Skype, text messages are still in demand.

How to write a letter to your father
How to write a letter to your father


Step 1

The first thing you need to decide on is in what form you are going to write the letter: in handwritten or electronic. Despite the rapid development of innovative technologies, many citizens continue to use the regular postal service. If you have the opportunity to send a letter over the Internet, then, of course, it will arrive quickly, and you immediately have the opportunity to receive an answer.

Step 2

There is nothing difficult about writing an email. The fact that your message is for your father suggests that it should not be too large. Extensive introduction and conclusion are recommended to be kept to a minimum. It is best to describe your life activity and your feelings in more detail in the main part. But the signature and date stamp in this case are omitted.

Step 3

A handwritten letter looks quite different. The introduction and conclusion, just like an email, can be written concisely. But the main part needs to be thought out to the smallest detail. It is not enough just to list the events that happened during the period until you saw your father. It is necessary to write coherent text in which each paragraph will be consistent with each other. If you have children, tell your father in a letter how they are doing and what success his grandchildren have achieved.

Step 4

If your father is already in old age, then at the end of the letter, be sure to ask him about his health, how he is doing, what difficulties he has to face. Be sure to indicate that you were bored and will come and visit soon. When finished, write the date and sign.