How To Send A Mobile Phone By Mail

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How To Send A Mobile Phone By Mail
How To Send A Mobile Phone By Mail

Video: How To Send A Mobile Phone By Mail

Video: How To Send A Mobile Phone By Mail
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If you have purchased an exclusive phone model and want to present it to someone who lives in another city, you can send the phone by mail. But in order for the addressee to receive an expensive gift intact, pack it carefully and do not save on delivery.

How to send a mobile phone by mail
How to send a mobile phone by mail

It is necessary

  • - Mobile phone;
  • - packaging materials;
  • - Postal office.


Step 1

Sending a mobile phone by mail can be roughly divided into two stages: packaging and shipping. Moreover, the first stage is especially important, because during transportation, postal items often fall and become deformed. If you do not pay enough attention to the protective shell, the recipient will receive a phone with a broken screen or cracked casing.

Step 2

To avoid such troubles, wrap your phone in perforated film, soft cloth or synthetic winterizer. Place it in a small box and tape it around the entire perimeter.

Step 3

Then wrap the box again in the soft material and place it in another larger box. Cover it completely with scotch tape too. Such security measures will protect the phone not only from bumps and falls, but also from theft. There are cases when unscrupulous postal workers opened postal items. If it is quite easy to open a hastily packed parcel, then a well-sealed box will scare off criminals.

Step 4

Before carrying your phone to the post office, decide through which postal service you will send the parcel. The most suitable for you are first class mail, Express Mail Service (EMS) and insured parcel.

Step 5

If you want to send a mobile phone to a city that is far from your place of residence, then arrange the shipment first class. Firstly, the phone will be delivered by air mail, which means that the addressee will receive the coveted gift much faster. Secondly, first class shipments do not arrive at intermediate sorting centers. But it is in the process of loading / unloading that the greatest harm is done to the parcels.

Step 6

EMS-mail is an indispensable service for busy people. The recipient will not need to waste his time, go to the post office and stand in line there. The parcel will be brought home and handed over to him personally.

Step 7

The cheapest of the listed, but relatively safe method of sending is a parcel with a declared value. If you do not aim to have time to send the phone by a certain date, then, having securely packed this valuable item, you can send it this way.

Step 8

After choosing the method of sending, you just have to fill out the forms in the mail and sign the parcel. Please fill in all the points carefully, based on the sample that will be provided to you. Check several times if you have entered the correct recipient details and send your mobile phone.