How To Make Artificial Ice

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How To Make Artificial Ice
How To Make Artificial Ice

Video: How To Make Artificial Ice

Video: How To Make Artificial Ice
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The word "artificial" does not mean the material from which the ice is made, but means the method of obtaining it. For its production, freezers and refrigerators, and special installations are used. You can make ice yourself.

How to make artificial ice
How to make artificial ice


Step 1

Do not forget to follow the safety rules in the process of making ice in any possible way: work only with gloves and wear safety glasses.

Step 2

Take two metal buckets - one larger and the other smaller (in height and circumference). In a large bucket, make a solution of 50% acid (sulfuric) and 50% water. Too much water should not be poured into this container, since then you will need to put a small bucket in it.

Step 3

Fill a small bucket with chilled distilled or boiled water. Take a cup of Glauber's salt (sodium sulfate) and put it in a large bucket of the prepared mixture. Take a large bucket and shake gently to dissolve the sodium sulfate.

Step 4

Place a small bucket already filled with cold water in a large one. A solution of water, acid, and sodium sulfate will gradually freeze the water in a small container. If the process takes too long, add some more Glauber's salt to a large bucket.

Step 5

Experience with acetic acid (more precisely, with sodium acetate) is less dangerous, although safety precautions are, of course, worth observing. To get sodium acetate (sodium acetate), take 1 kg of baking soda and 1 liter of vinegar essence.

Step 6

Combine these substances and wait until all the carbon dioxide comes out (that is, until it stops fizzling). After that, put the solution on low heat and evaporate until a monolithic lump is formed. Place this piece in a heat-resistant container and heat until it melts. Filter the resulting liquid. Do not throw away the sediment, but save it. This is dry sodium acetate.

Step 7

Place the liquid in any airtight container. This solution will remain in a liquid state, but if you want to get dry ice out of it, you just need to add a grain of sodium acetate to it, and it will solidify literally before our eyes.