How To Hide The Smell Of Alcohol

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How To Hide The Smell Of Alcohol
How To Hide The Smell Of Alcohol

Video: How To Hide The Smell Of Alcohol

Video: How To Hide The Smell Of Alcohol
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The smell of alcohol is always unpleasant for the people around you, especially those who are in close contact with you. Even a small dose of drunk alcohol, be it wine, beer or vodka, will immediately be felt from the mouth. You have an important meeting or business conference, you just need to eliminate the unpleasant smell of alcohol drunk the day before? There are a few simple ways to help freshen your breath.

How to hide the smell of alcohol
How to hide the smell of alcohol

It is necessary

  • - "Antipolitsay",
  • - gummies or gum with a fruity scent,
  • - coffee beans,
  • - little flax and walnuts,
  • - salt,
  • - bay leaves, nutmeg or cloves,
  • - seeds.


Step 1

Try to start the morning with gymnastics, so exercise will help to remove some of the toxins through sweat, respectively, the smell of alcohol will decrease slightly. Drink plenty of fluids after exercise (not alcohol), so your liver and kidneys will be much easier to deal with alcoholic toxins.

Step 2

The drug in the form of pills, which can be purchased in almost every pharmacy, is quite well recommended - Antipolitsay. This medicine will help eliminate bad breath from alcohol. The composition of "Antipolitsay" contains exclusively natural ingredients that can cleanse your breath.

Step 3

But menthol or mint chewing gum can, on the contrary, aggravate the situation. Since, mixing with the smell of tobacco and alcohol, it will only increase the unpleasant odor. The best effect in this regard will be given by chewing gum or candy with a fruity flavor.

Step 4

Coffee beans have long been considered a proven and effective method of getting rid of the smell of alcohol and does not last long, only thirty minutes.

Step 5

As you know, after a portion of alcohol drunk, acetaldehyde begins to be released, which causes bad breath. In this matter, flax and walnut oil has proven itself well. It envelops the mucous membrane of the esophagus, stomach and mouth, it is enough just to drink one tablespoon of oil.

Step 6

Dissolve one teaspoon of table salt in a glass of warm boiled water and rinse your mouth thoroughly with the prepared solution. And so that there is no trace of the smell of alcoholic beverages, it is enough to chew a couple of bay leaves, cloves or nutmeg.

Step 7

And, of course, do not forget to have a hearty breakfast, since none of the above methods will help if the stomach is completely empty. For this, sour cabbage soup, hodgepodge or pickle are best suited, they will not only help to eliminate the unpleasant smell, but also save you from a hangover attack. Chew on a handful of seeds.