How To Keep A Bouquet Of Orchids

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How To Keep A Bouquet Of Orchids
How To Keep A Bouquet Of Orchids

Video: How To Keep A Bouquet Of Orchids

Video: How To Keep A Bouquet Of Orchids
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We always want cut orchids to last long and retain their freshness and original beauty for a long time. To achieve this, the development of bacteria and fungi that clog the vessels of the stem, which is the main reason for the rapid wilting, must be prevented. To keep a bouquet of orchids as long as possible, you just need to follow some rules.

How to keep a bouquet of orchids
How to keep a bouquet of orchids


  • - vase;
  • - warm water;
  • - a sharp knife;
  • - granulated sugar;
  • - Activated carbon.


Step 1

Before placing the orchids in the vase, cut off the lower stems and leaves with a sharp knife. Next, prune every day to avoid decay, because it is in decaying areas that bacteria quickly multiply. The cut must be done directly in water or under running water, it must be oblique (obliquely). The edge of the cut can be split into 4 pieces with a knife.

Step 2

Place the orchid vase away from drafts and direct sunlight. The cut orchid does not like too warm rooms, the optimum air temperature for it is 15-18ºC.

Step 3

A bouquet of orchids does not need to be sprayed like many other flowers. Water stains may appear on delicate petals, which quickly begin to darken and thin out. If the flowers have stamens, remove them.

Step 4

Of the many substances that are added to a flower vase to avoid the appearance of bacteria, only a pinch of granulated sugar is suitable for orchids. Or an activated charcoal tablet if you are placing flowers in uncleaned water. Or buy a special cut flower product from a specialty flower shop. The consultant will tell you which one is suitable for orchids. Follow the directions on each powder sachet. This solution really gives the flowers a longer life.

Step 5

It is not recommended to often change the water in a vase with orchids; it is better to just add it as it evaporates and is absorbed by the flowers. But if you notice traces of flowering in the vase (the water turns green), then take out the orchids, rinse the vase from the inside with warm soapy water, rinse well, take clean water and put the flowers in the vase again.