How To Recognize Gold At Home

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How To Recognize Gold At Home
How To Recognize Gold At Home

Video: How To Recognize Gold At Home

Video: How To Recognize Gold At Home
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Purchasing a fake instead of a real gold piece of jewelry will be not only annoying, but also very ruinous. Even without being a jewelry expert, you can tell real gold from fake gold by following these tips.

How to recognize gold at home
How to recognize gold at home


  • - magnifier;
  • - magnet;
  • - soft tissue;
  • - iodine;
  • - acetic acid;
  • - lapis.


Step 1

Buy gold jewelry only in reliable stores and large jewelry stores. Of course, such purchases will cost you much more, but the authenticity of gold in these places is practically beyond doubt, unlike cheap counterparts, which are filled with small kiosks and markets. Be sure to check the quality certifications before purchasing gold jewelry.

Step 2

The first thing you need to pay attention to when assessing the authenticity of gold is a special assay mark. Take a good magnifying glass and examine it closely. It should be clear and parallel to the part of the decoration to which it is applied. The numbers inside the stamp must also be perfectly even. The brand of the manufacturer serves as a good guarantee of the authenticity of the gold jewelry. Products containing such an imprint are also extremely rarely fakes. Take a close look at the back of the gold piece. If it's perfectly flat and smooth, chances are you have a high quality product. Cracks, notches, and inaccurately inserted stones should alert you.

Step 3

You can check the quality of gold at home using an ordinary magnet. Take a magnet and hold it close to your jewelry. High-quality gold will not be attracted to it, a fake or low-grade alloy, on the contrary, will instantly become magnetized.

Step 4

Chemicals are a good way to spot fake gold. Apply a drop of iodine or acetic acid to the product. Wait 3-5 minutes. Then wipe off the liquid with a soft cloth, if there are no traces on the jewelry, then the gold is real. Similarly, you can check the authenticity of a gold product with lapis (it is used as a hemostatic agent and is sold in pharmacies). Dampen a lap pencil and rub the surface of the decoration with it. Real gold will not change its color, and fake gold will turn black.

Step 5

It should be borne in mind that these tips are not universal and will not be able to identify fake jewelry covered with high-quality gilding. Therefore, if you have the slightest doubt, consult an expert.