How To Issue A Help Call

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How To Issue A Help Call
How To Issue A Help Call

Video: How To Issue A Help Call

Video: How To Issue A Help Call
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Many people combine work and study at the correspondence or part-time department of a higher (or secondary specialized) educational institution. The state guarantees to such a student the right to receive an average salary for the time when he is absent from the workplace and takes a session or is on pre-diploma educational leave. The document confirming this right is the "inquiry-call".

How to issue a help call
How to issue a help call


Step 1

The procedure for issuing and issuing a certificate call is governed by local regulations, the procedure for payment and granting of study leave is governed by the Labor Code of the Russian Federation. Be sure to read the orders and instructions of the management of the educational institution in which you are studying. Feel free to ask your department secretary for clarification.

Step 2

Most often, a call-out certificate is issued by an educational institution on the basis of your successful completion of training at a particular faculty (department). Thus, you should not be in arrears to get help. Usually, a considerable amount of time is given to close the "tails" (for example, you will have until September 15 to close the debt for the summer session).

Step 3

A call-out certificate is issued at the written (or oral) request of the student. At the same time, the educational institution must necessarily approve the schedule of sessions and the schedule of the examination (or setting) session.

Considering that the certificate is drawn up by methodical (or specially authorized) employees of the dean's office, it is to them that you should apply with the request.

Step 4

A call-to-reference must be obtained in advance so that the management of the organization where you are working can see the supporting document.

In some educational institutions, a call-out certificate is sent in advance to the mailing address agreed with you, subject to the provision of a blank envelope. It is best to ask a Methodist for details.

It is optimal to receive a call at least 10 days before the start of the session.

Step 5

The methodologist is obliged to indicate on the call-out certificate the full name of the educational institution, as well as information about accreditation, the duration of the study leave, the date of the first and last days of the leave. The certificate-call must be signed by the rector of the university or a specially authorized person (for example, the dean of the faculty), if the revision is issued at the secondary school, then it must be signed by the head of the educational institution. A registration number must be placed on the certificate in accordance with the certificate register to be able to verify the authenticity of the issued document. Naturally, each issued certificate is registered in this journal. The certificate is also stamped by the educational institution, the dean's office.

Step 6

Remember that the help call should be issued on demand. Contact the secretariat either you personally or your employer, it makes no difference.