How To Rent An Office From The Owner

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How To Rent An Office From The Owner
How To Rent An Office From The Owner

Video: How To Rent An Office From The Owner

Video: How To Rent An Office From The Owner
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The organization of a respectable business requires a lot of investments and various components. If not in the first place, then on the first lines in terms of importance is the organization of a solid office, to which potential clients, partners and other visitors will come. When opening a business, it is not always possible to buy an office space, and even this approach does not make sense - renting is more profitable for a number of reasons.

How to rent an office from the owner
How to rent an office from the owner

Why is it more profitable to rent an office?

It is better to prefer renting an office space than investing large sums of assets for the purchase of this area, for the following reasons:

- the prestige of the area fades over time;

- more interesting areas for office space appear (new business centers are being built, large firms vacate small offices that do not fit staff);

- the cost of renting office space is reduced;

- the entire burden of maintaining the main building falls on the shoulders of the landlord, not the tenant.

Also, the organizer of the company, when choosing an office space, is guided by the interests of the company. The space should be easily accessible to stakeholders and should be visible to the exact customer segment the organization is targeting. In this case, it is easier to change a rented premises than to sell a purchased one that has already lost a fairly large amount in price.

Often, when looking for free office space, you have to refuse to conclude a lease due to too inappropriate conditions set by the landlord.

How to rent an office without intermediaries?

Not only the intermediary-lessor, but also the owner, who protects his interests, can come up with difficult and practically impossible conditions when renting. And yet, it is more profitable to rent from the owner - the cost is lower and it is easier to find a compromise, since the conditions are dictated by the original source.

It is possible to find the owners of office space at the stage of construction of business and shopping centers - banners with a lease offer are often hung on buildings under construction. It is also worth looking in the special sections of the bulletin boards, which are available in both print and virtual format. If we talk about the possibilities of the Internet, then at the moment a number of sites have been organized where you can find premises from the owner. An automatic search engine for a given filter will give you suitable options.

When renting a room, the owner has a number of advantages, among which a more affordable cost per square meter, a newer room, a wide range of free options, and others should be highlighted.

What do you need to know?

Any lease that needs to be signed looks similar to a contract offered by another company, they are drawn up according to a template. But this does not mean that it is not necessary to read the agreement - there are always additional conditions that should be understood in advance. If the contract contains unacceptable conditions, discuss them with the landlord. It is sometimes permissible to draw up an additional agreement, or change the text of the agreement itself. If the owner does not make concessions, it is better to refuse the lease than to agree to conditions that are obviously unfavorable for the company.