Communication As An Element Of The Marketing Mix

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Communication As An Element Of The Marketing Mix
Communication As An Element Of The Marketing Mix

Video: Communication As An Element Of The Marketing Mix

Video: Communication As An Element Of The Marketing Mix
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Customer satisfaction is based on the sale of goods. At the heart of any marketing activity in an enterprise is a marketing complex. Communication is an element of it.



Step 1

The marketing mix consists of a set of tools that are used to influence consumer demand. Communication, also called "promotion", includes advertising, propaganda, personal selling and sales promotion.

Step 2

If we talk about advertising, then marketing refers to the process of advertising a product on the market, and not advertising in general. Advertising is a non-personal promotion of a service or product paid for by the seller.

Step 3

The essence of advertising in marketing lies not in the technology of advertising production, but in its effect on the indicators of sales of goods. When developing an advertising campaign, the marketing department analyzes the market, plans and monitors the effectiveness of events.

Step 4

Personal (direct) sales are carried out through communication between sellers and buyers. Marketing is responsible for information support of the process. Customer service is of great importance. They should be provided with information about the benefits of the product, about what properties the product has.

Step 5

Propaganda, as part of communication, is also of great importance. It aims to promote the company's image. And this is its main difference from advertising, which is aimed at promoting the image of a product. Propaganda uses the techniques that are not mentioned in the law "On Advertising".

Step 6

Sales promotion is responsible for stimulating the work of contractors and company personnel. This includes material incentives and methods of moral incentives, which are aimed at increasing the interest of employees and contractors in increasing sales results. These can be free trips and bonuses for employees and contests for contractors.

Step 7

Any organization, if it intends to firmly occupy a certain niche in the market, must take care of individuality. Marketing communication, along with brand behavior and brand design, is a significant part of personality.

Step 8

The marketing communication of the company is provided by: the image of the company, corporate advertising and work with the public. The last point involves focusing on target audiences.

Step 9

Marketing communication of a company includes a set of information links. These are: searching for market information, choosing the company's mission, defining a market segment, choosing sales channels, advertising and creating a positive market image for the organization.