How Much Does It Cost To Rewrite Text?

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How Much Does It Cost To Rewrite Text?
How Much Does It Cost To Rewrite Text?

Video: How Much Does It Cost To Rewrite Text?

Video: How Much Does It Cost To Rewrite Text?
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A person who decides to become an article creator for Internet sites naturally wants to know how much he can earn by doing this kind of activity. As a rule, novice authors choose rewriting as the easiest way to create Internet content. But they are faced with the fact that their wages can be very different and depend not on the quality of work, but on other factors that are difficult for a beginner to take into account.

How much does it cost to rewrite text?
How much does it cost to rewrite text?

What is rewriting?

For a start, it's a good idea to define what a rewrite is. It is customary to call the creation of an article for an Internet resource based on other materials taken on the Internet or from print media.

Currently, the rewrite requirements are quite high. A high-quality rewriting is not just a presentation of the material of the original article in your own words, and, moreover, not a primitive replacement of words in the original article with synonyms or rearrangement of their order in a sentence. A rewrite is welcome, when writing which the author used several sources, was able to creatively rework them, and even better - add his own original thoughts and ideas.

But the main requirement for a rewritten article is uniqueness. This means that the resulting text should not be found on the Internet. It is necessary to check the uniqueness using special programs, but the requirements for the degree of uniqueness may be different.

In any case, uniqueness below 80% does not give the right to consider the article suitable for any Internet resource.

Rewrite price

As a rule, the price for any content is set based on the cost of 1000 printed characters.

Some people charge a price per 1,000 characters of printed text, including spaces, but more often there is a fixed price per 1,000 characters of printed text, excluding spaces.

But there may be options: some customers set the desired volume of the article and a fixed price for it, some are willing to pay depending on how many readers the article will gain.

But even if we focus on the cost of 1000 characters without spaces, it can vary greatly depending on the wishes and capabilities of the customer. So, on content exchanges, this price ranges from 10 to 200 or more rubles. Beginners, as a rule, are ready to try their hand at even a minimal fee, but quickly realize that it is impossible to earn any tangible amount in this way.

Some customers do not make a distinction between an author's article and a rewrite, others pay a little less for a rewrite. The average price for a rewrite is 40-60 rubles. for 1000 printed characters excluding spaces, but with a certain amount of luck and the proper level of skill, you can find a customer who is ready to pay much more for such work, so it is extremely difficult to say exactly how much this or that article will cost.

Another way to try to increase your income by doing rewriting is to put articles up for sale on a content exchange or on a webmaster forum. But in order to get a high pay, a person needs to establish himself as the author of high-quality and unique material. Not a single customer will buy expensive articles from a person whose capabilities and abilities he does not know.

In any case, only competent, unique material will be paid, regardless of whether it is a rewrite or an author's article. For an illiterate, hard to read, non-unique text, the author runs the risk of not getting a dime.