How The Metro Works In Moscow

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How The Metro Works In Moscow
How The Metro Works In Moscow

Video: How The Metro Works In Moscow

Video: How The Metro Works In Moscow
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The Moscow metro is the main transport in the capital of Russia. High-speed underground trains allow you to move around the city, avoiding tedious waiting in traffic jams. Metro stations in Moscow are richly decorated, some of them are even landmarks. If you are going to visit the capital, it is useful to find out the mode and operating rules of the Moscow metro.

How the metro works in Moscow
How the metro works in Moscow

Moscow metro operating hours

The Moscow metro has a basic work schedule: from 05:20 to 01:00. Some stations open a little earlier or a little later, others close a little later. As a rule, stations located in the city center, within the circular line, open earlier; they also operate a little longer. But the extreme stations of the metro branches may open a little later. The stations themselves on the ring line open at 5:30.

In the evening, the last train from the last metro station leaves at exactly 01:00 (sometimes a few minutes later), after which the station is closed for entry and only works for exits. In the center of the station they work a little longer. You can leave the center for the outskirts until about 01:30, it is at this time that the train usually crosses the circular line.

It's better to arrive a little early if you need to get somewhere at a later time. You should not choose the last train for the trip even if you intend to change trains in the center. The crossing may already be closed, or at the transfer station it turns out that the last train in the next desired direction has already left.

Even if the trains at the transfer stations are still running, the escalators stop working at exactly one in the morning, as do the escalators at the entrance to the subway.

On some holidays, the city administration decides to extend the working hours of the metro. For example, stations may be open until 02:00 or 02:30 am.

The interval of movement of trains is, on average, 2, 5 minutes, but during rush hours, trains arrive more often. Sometimes the gap between them reaches one and a half minutes. In the evening, the interval, on the contrary, lengthens, and can sometimes reach 10 minutes.

Travel time

If you are calculating the travel time of a train, then use the special Yandex service, with its help you can calculate the travel time to the nearest minute. But keep in mind that this site does not always calculate transfers accurately, they often take more time. Also add a few extra minutes if your trip occurs during rush hour: at this time there are so many people on the metro that there are queues for escalators or subway cars.

The Moscow metro works extremely accurately, the train schedule is almost 100% fulfilled.

Advantageous tickets

When purchasing tickets for a trip, do not rush to buy a card for one trip. Read all the options that will be described on the stand near the ticket office in the subway. By purchasing a ticket for more trips, you can save a significant amount.