Who Are The Prankers

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Who Are The Prankers
Who Are The Prankers

Video: Who Are The Prankers

Video: Who Are The Prankers
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If a person got a call in the middle of the night and began to ask ridiculous questions, possibly of an intimate nature, most likely his phone got into the base of the prank community. On how adequately a person behaves during a conversation, his further cooperation with prankers depends.

Who will win
Who will win

Pranker - a free interpretation of the English word prank - prank. The main activity of prankers is prank calls. Based on the translation, one can try to draw a conclusion about innocent children's and teenage pranks, which, in fact, characterized the direction at the dawn of its endeavors in the late 90s of the last century.

However, to date, the pranker movement has gotten out of control. According to the classics of the movement themselves, "shkolota" began to engage in pranking, having no idea of either technology or the pranker code.

What is the essence of pranking

The pranker finds the phone number of an inadequate person and in a telephone conversation tries to bring him to emotions. The conversation is recorded on a dictaphone and posted on the Internet - everyone is funny, except for the victim, who sometimes does not suspect that she has become the target of ordinary telephone hooligans.

But pranksters don't see themselves as telephone bullies. According to the "pranker code", in no case should you be the first to start using foul language, so as not to fall under a criminal article, but provoking the victim is welcomed. Moreover, the more sophisticated the victim is expressed, the more value it acquires in the community. Her phone number can be sold for quite a lot of money.

A real pranker will not call a veteran, a sick person, a pregnant woman, or a child under the age of 12.

Why is it done

A recording of a conversation with a victim is called "prank" in prank jargon. It is posted on community sites and periodically listened to, accompanied by comments and fresh recordings.

No one can explain how much pleasure the pranksters get from this, some psychologists explain this by mental problems. At the same time, with rare exceptions, pranksters are quite adequate people in ordinary life.

How to avoid becoming a victim of a pranker

Pranking in Russia began with an innocent call, when a teenager made a wrong number and called instead of a PBX to the apartment of an inadequate old woman. What he heard in response to his innocent question made him take the recorder. Conclusion: you can respond to a suspicious call calmly and without undue emotion. There are two ways to communicate.

The first is to say as indifferently as possible that the subscriber was mistaken and hang up. To answer subsequent calls with an even more colorless voice.

The second is to put the caller in an absurd position with an intelligent counter question, to support the conversation with the utmost polite, demonstrating your moral and intellectual superiority in every possible way. The second method, of course, is fraught with subsequent calls from the wounded prank community, but sometimes you can afford to relax and make fun of the insolent people.

The main thing is not to lose your temper and keep the situation under control. Usually such interlocutors are blacklisted by pranksters and left alone.