What Is The Difference Between A Monogram And A Monogram

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What Is The Difference Between A Monogram And A Monogram
What Is The Difference Between A Monogram And A Monogram

Video: What Is The Difference Between A Monogram And A Monogram

Video: What Is The Difference Between A Monogram And A Monogram
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If you learn the rules and peculiarities of writing a monogram and monogram, it will be impossible to confuse them in the future. The details of their history will help to remember the differences between these styles.

This is what a monogram looks like
This is what a monogram looks like


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Concepts such as bookplate, monogram, monogram are often confused, having a poor idea of what each of them looks like. But these signs have differences, and significant ones. The monogram is an outline consisting of adjacent letters that are the beginning of the name and surname. It can mean not only initials, but also consist of several letters that represent an abbreviated name or surname.

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Earlier, with the help of monograms, the name of the city was denoted (for example, on the coins of Ancient Greece), medals were personalized, and the belonging of any thing to a specific person was recorded. In the Middle Ages, authors (painters, engravers, artisans) often used these signs to sign their creations. It is here, in the field of art, that monograms are most common.

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Since the 7th century, pope, kings and nobles have taken it as a rule to have a seal with a personal monogram. Since then, all important documents have been certified only in this way. Therefore, over time, the outline of this sign became more complicated: it became more and more intricate and original. Since the 16th century, monograms have been used as trade, publishing, and brand names. Until the 20th century, they were so common in everyday life that they were the usual mark of the owner of any thing: jewelry, linen, dishes, books, etc.

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A monogram is an insignia in which the initials (in some cases, including the patronymic) of a particular person are enclosed. It differs from the monogram in a more complex outline, contains many weaves, ornaments and ornaments. A monogram can belong not only to one person, but also to several at the same time. In the first case, it is considered simple, in the second - complex.

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The difference between a monogram and a monogram lies, firstly, in the features of each of these symbols. If a monogram is a concretizing sign informing about the ownership of a document or thing to any person, then a monogram can communicate information about several owners or a community of persons united by one status, interests or business at once. Secondly, it is customary to decorate the monogram with various heraldic signs (crowns, numbers, family coat of arms, etc.), which gives much more information than when reading a monogram.

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With the help of a monogram, you can reflect the history of the family, inform about a person's belonging to a profession or his hobby. The monogram is simpler both in writing and in the amount of information about its owner. Unlike a monogram, it is much easier to come up with, and the details are much easier to remember. Ornate monogram, decorated with patterns and special signs, most often it is impossible to accurately copy by hand. And for a monogram in this process, as a rule, there is nothing complicated.