Why Is Hookah Harmful?

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Why Is Hookah Harmful?
Why Is Hookah Harmful?

Video: Why Is Hookah Harmful?

Video: Why Is Hookah Harmful?
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Many people think that by replacing cigarettes with a hookah, they protect themselves from the consequences of smoking: high-quality tobacco does not contain harmful impurities, and there are no dangerous carcinogens in the smoke purified with water. It's a delusion.

Why is hookah harmful?
Why is hookah harmful?


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Many experts believe that hookah smoking is as dangerous as cigarette addiction. "Delicious" hookah tobacco, thanks to the use of various flavors, makes the process of smoking more pleasant, and the smoker - addicted. As a result, a person receives not only pleasure, but also a huge dose of nicotine and resins hazardous to health.

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Currently, there is not a single regulatory document describing the requirements for hookah tobacco blends. This is used by unscrupulous manufacturers. The production of cigarette tobacco is accompanied by strict control of both raw materials and the process itself.

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The amount of nicotine and tar in a hookah tobacco mixture is variable. It depends on many factors: the cooking process, the quality of the coal used, the amount of tobacco smoked, and the puff depth. That is why it is impossible to control the consumption of nicotine and tar by a hookah smoker.

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Water in a hookah cannot be compared with a cigarette filter: it reduces the amount of nicotine and tar in the smoke, while water only cools the smoke, it does not perform any cleaning functions on the legs.

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The heavy metals contained in hookah smoke are much more dangerous. their content is tens of times higher than the amount of metals in cigarette smoke. Hookah smoking has a very negative effect on the cardiovascular system: the elasticity and firmness of the vascular wall decreases, the lumen narrows. This leads to strokes, heart attacks, hypertension and other severe pathologies.

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Hookah smoking, like smoking cigarettes, entails a decrease in reproductive capacity and poses a threat to pregnancy. In families of smokers, babies are often born prematurely.

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Hookah smoke penetrates deep into the lungs. In 40 minutes of such smoking, the body receives a horse dose of carbon monoxide: two hundred times more than when smoking one cigarette. The situation is aggravated by smoking in a confined space and drinking alcohol, which are often accompanied by gatherings at the hookah.

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Experts are sure that the popularization of hookah smoking has led to a sharp increase in the number of patients with tuberculosis and hepatitis A. The fact is that the flask and hookah mouthpiece must be properly maintained: cleaning, washing, disinfection. In public places, hookahs are often not disinfected, or they are not disinfected regularly, so bacteria multiply in them, which can cause terrible diseases.