Who Are Black Realtors

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Who Are Black Realtors
Who Are Black Realtors

Video: Who Are Black Realtors

Video: Who Are Black Realtors
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Many have heard about the "black realtors" who operate in the real estate market and take away houses, apartments or even lives from naive buyers and defenseless old women. This is constantly reported in various media. In this regard, property owners need to know what "black realtors" are and how they can secure their property.

Who are black realtors
Who are black realtors

Who are "black realtors"

This phrase refers to people who commit crimes in the real estate market. Because of their actions, people are deprived of their apartments, and sometimes their lives. In Russia, such criminals appeared in the "dashing" 90s of the last century. They exist at the present time.

"Black realtor" can work alone or with accomplices. Usually he offers standard services for the sale and lease of real estate, but more often than not he does not fulfill his obligations. The main thing for such a person is to gain benefits for himself. Also, he does not have any certificates that would confirm his right to engage in this activity. Often, "black realtors" are former employees of real estate agencies who were fired for some offense.

In addition to realtors, criminal groups may include notaries, employees of municipal institutions, representatives of law enforcement agencies.

In real estate, most of the criminals arose after the abolition of licensing. Therefore, when making transactions with real estate, anyone can be an intermediary. Today, real estate agents consider it important to reintroduce the licensing system in order to protect citizens from criminals.

Who is at risk

“Black realtors” are looking for their victims mainly among those who are unable to defend themselves. These are single pensioners, minors, needy people, citizens with various diseases (including mental ones). In addition, non-working citizens who lead an asocial lifestyle and abuse drugs and alcohol become victims of unscrupulous realtors. The main condition is that they have their own living space, as well as the absence of spouses and close relatives.

Nevertheless, any person can be a victim of "black realtors". The main reasons for this are inattention and carelessness when choosing an intermediary, legal illiteracy. Therefore, when concluding real estate transactions, it is very undesirable to contact little-known agencies and unverified brokers.

How to protect yourself and your loved ones

Keep a close eye on the surroundings of your single relatives and communicate with them. Invite your relatives to visit you, with his new friends, by observing whom you can better determine their true intentions and goals.

If your relative is unable to properly understand the implications of their actions, you may consider establishing guardianship over them. This will make him uninteresting for unscrupulous brokers, because he himself, without your knowledge, is not entitled to sign documents.

It is better to conclude a transaction for the sale and purchase of real estate through reliable and trusted real estate agencies. When contacting such an organization, carefully read its documents and details. The legal and actual address must be the same.

Demand from the management of the company and employees to conclude a contract for intermediary services. In addition, contact experienced lawyers to check if all the documents are correct.