How To Run Away From A Rapist

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How To Run Away From A Rapist
How To Run Away From A Rapist

Video: How To Run Away From A Rapist

Video: How To Run Away From A Rapist
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Whatever the crime situation in the country, there are always rapist maniacs who go hunting at night. These are unremarkable people, in most cases - calm, modest personalities in whom it is difficult to recognize the rapist. But their main goal is to lure the girl into a secluded and quiet place where no one will interfere with their vile business.

How to run away from a rapist
How to run away from a rapist

The goal of sexual maniacs is one - to rape their victim, but they go to this in different ways. Some call the apartments and, posing as employees of any service, trick into the house of their victim, other "hunters" track down and attack on the sly. There is a category of rapists who persuade women to stay alone with them, and there are those who abduct victims by dragging them into their car.

It is often difficult to escape from a maniac, but it is quite possible. The basic rules here are:

- do not open the door to the house to unknown people, no matter who they introduce themselves; any information can be checked by calling the service they named;

- returning home late, choose lighted areas, you should not shorten the path, walking along dark alleys and courtyards;

- noticing the look of a man in transport that seems suspicious to you, check your suspicions by getting off at the most crowded stop, look back - if an unknown person followed you, you should worry;

- never get into a car with strangers, even if you are late for an important event. Most rapists have a very pleasant appearance, which only helps them to carry out their illegal plans.

Don't try to beat the maniac

Some girls mistakenly think they can fight a rapist if they meet him on the street. This opinion is especially common among those girls who once went or continue to go to wrestling or boxing.

In fact, everything is much more complicated. A fragile, petite girl cannot knock a strong man to the ground, unless she is a master of sports or a world champion in wrestling. Running away is the surest way to get rid of the rapist.

How to escape from a maniac

So, running away is the right and wise decision in a situation when you fall into the hands of a rapist. But how can you do this so that he doesn't catch up with you and make you worse? There are several ways to successfully escape from such people.

As you know, the groin area is the weak point of men. You should hit it as hard as possible with your knee or heel. Here it is important not to miss, otherwise you will not end up with problems later. After that, you should run away from the man a few meters, take off your shoes, if they have high heels, and run from this place as fast as possible. If possible, shout shrilly and loudly so people can hear you.

You can use keys or other sharp object. You should accurately and strongly hit the rapist's eyes with the keys. After that, you do not need to finish off the criminal or try to detain him, run away from this place.

The next way is to try to do something that will attract a lot of people to the place. For example, it is recommended to break a shop window if a maniac is chasing you. As a rule, the security service arrives quite quickly, so that the criminal will not be able to carry out the intended case. Agree that it is better to pay for glass than to pay with your life.

The main thing is not to be scared to such an extent that your members will not obey you and you will stand rooted to the spot. You should run quickly, shout loudly and attract the attention of people.