How To Please A Scorpio

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How To Please A Scorpio
How To Please A Scorpio

Video: How To Please A Scorpio

Video: How To Please A Scorpio
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Once in love, most people are ready to do anything to please the object of their passion. Horoscopes will help you to find out and understand your beloved. How to please your lover if he is Scorpio on the zodiac sign?

How to please a Scorpio
How to please a Scorpio


Step 1

Remain yourself. Scorpio is not against play and originality, but only in moderation and when he himself wants it. Tell him about yourself. People born under this zodiac sign want to know everything about their partner. They themselves do not like to open right away - you will have to wait.

Step 2

While walking, pay attention to how the Scorpio reacts to what is happening around. This way you will understand what he is interested in and you will always have topics for conversation. It is better to make appointments in unusual and memorable places - Scorpios love when they are surrounded by a bright atmosphere.

Step 3

Never insult Scorpio's feelings. If you laugh at his weaknesses, which may include an addiction to poetry, the supernatural and the mystical, you risk alienating him forever.

Step 4

Show all your sensuality and passion when it comes to the intimate side of the relationship. According to astrologers, Scorpio is the most sexually attractive sign of the zodiac. However, do not try to feign pleasure - intuition will allow him to easily recognize deception.

Step 5

Ask for the opinion of your beloved on various issues, ask for advice. Scorpio, in addition to a well-developed "sixth sense", is characterized by observation, so he is able to give really useful advice. Be sure to thank him if the help was effective - representatives of this sign are very sensitive to compliments.

Step 6

Never compare your lover to your ex. His jealousy will not increase feelings for you, but rather destroy them. Scorpio's pride is so great that in this case he will prefer to part with even the one he loves. Cheating, physical or spiritual, born under the constellation of Scorpio also will not forgive.

Step 7

Don't try to remake your loved one. Scorpio will always remain himself, and you will either have to come to terms with his character, temperament, features and habits, or leave. He is an individualist and maximalist, so he often finds a soul mate at the age when the children of his peers are already finishing school. On the other hand, Scorpios can be very faithful spouses, if, of course, you do not allow boredom and routine in your family life. It is difficult with him, but by remaining an interesting conversationalist, an understanding friend and a passionate sexual partner, you can always please Scorpio.