What Is Heavy Industry

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What Is Heavy Industry
What Is Heavy Industry

Video: What Is Heavy Industry

Video: What Is Heavy Industry
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The decisive and leading role in the national economy of the country belongs to heavy industry. The growth and development of all other industries is directly dependent on its state.



Heavy industry is an industrial sector of the economy that mainly produces means of production (raw materials, fuel, tools, equipment). Heavy industry includes parts of the mining and manufacturing industries. These are ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, mining, fuel energy, metalworking, mechanical engineering and the defense complex. Heavy industries include water, electricity, gas, building materials, wood and paper industries, chemicals and petrochemicals.

The constant and continuous development of heavy industry is vital for the technical re-equipment of the leading sectors of the national economy, including those producing consumer goods and agriculture. The rise in the standard of living of the country's population directly depends on the development of heavy industry.

Historical development

Pre-revolutionary Russia had an underdeveloped heavy industry and, as a result, a backward economy. In fact, there was simply no number of branches of heavy industry (machine tools, production of metallurgical equipment, instrument making, cars and tractors). In 1913, Russia produced, for example, as much metal as one modern medium-sized plant can produce.

In general, the need for manufactured products was satisfied by imports. Foreign capital occupied a huge share in the economy of heavy industry.

After the October Revolution of 1917, as a result of the implementation of Lenin's plans for the industrialization and electrification of the entire country, a number of heavy industries were re-created and the priority development of the electric power industry was ensured.

During the years of the pre-war five-year plans, the appearance of a technically backward and agrarian country has radically changed. The very word "five-year plan" is now a symbol of the rapid pace of the economic company and the development of our country.

During the Great Patriotic War, heavy industry provided the front with weapons and became the basis of the defense industry.

In the postwar years, new branches of heavy industry developed rapidly - petrochemical, electronic, nuclear and aerospace.

At present, the energy sector of our country occupies one of the leading places in the world.

High-performance equipment equipped with automatic devices and devices is produced at the modern technical level. Enterprises are entering semi-automatic and fully automatic production.