How To Turn Down Persistent Distributors

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How To Turn Down Persistent Distributors
How To Turn Down Persistent Distributors

Video: How To Turn Down Persistent Distributors

Video: How To Turn Down Persistent Distributors
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Network marketers or distributors of cosmetics, household appliances, books, and other products are pushing their wares. They want to sell it at any cost. This is their job, this is how they earn their living. But what if you don't need their products at all, and the merchant is not lagging behind in any way? The main thing is not to be rude. This will only waste your nerve cells. The best way to get rid of the distributor is to politely refuse.

How to turn down persistent distributors
How to turn down persistent distributors

Brevity is the soul of wit

It is possible from the doorway, without giving the opportunity to start advertising jars and tubes, categorically declare that you are not interested in any product, and close the door. Or tell the seller that you yourself cannot make the purchase decision. You should consult with your mom, husband, or someone else.

No time

If the distributor found you not at home, but on the street or in the office, refer to your intense employment and the fact that you cannot be distracted by the presentation of the product. It is also worth saying that your management is forbidden to be distracted from your duties during working hours, otherwise you will have trouble.

Insolvent buyer

Make it clear to the seller that you have no money. You can just say so: "Thank you for your concern, but I have no money to buy." Often in such cases, they offer to take out a loan or buy goods in installments. To which it is worth answering: "Sorry, but for me it is too expensive, I cannot afford such expenses, even on credit." As a rule, after learning about the insolvency of a potential buyer, distributors immediately leave.

Jammed record

Use the “jammed record” method. Answer all persuasions of the seller to buy the product short and monosyllabic: “Thank you, I don’t need it”, “I am not interested in this”. Repeat this so many times until it reaches the distributor that he will not be able to promote you to buy.

Bad experience

For example, you are being persistently offered to buy cosmetics. Tell them that you've already bought these tubes in the store. And you have allergies from such creams, gels, shampoos, and now you do not trust this company. The distributor offers a vacuum cleaner or a massager - tell them that you were given one for your anniversary, and it broke down on the second day. So you do not believe that this is a very good and high quality technique. Needless to say, you purchased a similar product from distributors. Otherwise, the seller will think that since someone has already managed to persuade you to buy, then he will succeed.

I will buy what is not

Another way to get rid of the annoying distributor was invented by an employee of one company. Every day a young man came into the office with a huge backpack filled to the top with books. He offered them to all employees of the company, showed colorful children's fairy tales, educational encyclopedias, and various manuals. With his daily presentations, he took people away from business, which is why employees often did not have time to do their work in due time. It was not possible to expel him, nor to let him in. The secretary of the office found a way out. She asked the merchant for a specific book. At the same time, she invented the title and the name of the author herself. And I knew for sure that the distributor would not find such a publication anywhere. Unsuspecting a dirty trick, the seller promised to find this book in a short time and bring it to the girl. This man was never seen again in that office.

And finally: do not let the distributor of contacts of your acquaintances or friends. First, it is not fair to your loved ones. And secondly, in this case, the seller of unnecessary goods will soon return to you again to offer the goods and at the same time find out more contacts of potential buyers.