How To Uproot A Tree

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How To Uproot A Tree
How To Uproot A Tree

Video: How To Uproot A Tree

Video: How To Uproot A Tree
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The problem of cleaning old trees often arises not only among public utilities, but also among ordinary summer residents. If the housing and communal services have powerful equipment and specialists, then the owners of household plots have to solve their problems with a more modest arsenal.

How to uproot a tree
How to uproot a tree


  • - saw;
  • - stairs;
  • - kerosene;
  • - polyethylene;
  • - axe.


Step 1

When deciding to uproot a diseased or unnecessary tree, choose a saw. For faster and more productive work, an electric saw or chainsaw is suitable. If the power source is far from the tree you want to cut down, then a chainsaw is the best choice.

Step 2

Start uprooting the tree from the top. You can either bring a construction trestle, a ladder to the tree, or simply climb on top of it (if it is strong enough).

Step 3

Having cut off the upper branches and removing them from the place of work, cut off the upper part of the trunk. Conditions dictate to saw the tree piece by piece. If you cut it down entirely, then it, having collapsed, will touch the surrounding buildings, trees, cultivated plants. In addition, sawn wood is much easier to carry.

Step 4

Now uproot the bottom of the trunk.

Step 5

The tree was cut down, but a stump remained. You can use it as a landscape design element, or you can completely remove it.

Step 6

Having chosen the second option, decide on the method of implementing your idea. You can use chemicals, or you can remove the stump mechanically.

Step 7

The most effective chemical that breaks down wood fibers is saltpeter. You can also use kerosene or diesel fuel. Drill the deepest holes in the stump and fill it with one of the listed fluids. In order for the substance to penetrate the stump faster and not evaporate, cover it tightly with a thick plastic wrap.

Step 8

After 1, 5-2 weeks, unwind the stump and break it by strong mechanical impact. If the wood species is very durable (for example, oak), then, while observing all fire safety rules, set fire to the remains of the stump. Be sure to keep a fire extinguisher near you.

Step 9

But remember that chemicals will seep into the soil through the decomposing tree stump. Do not expect a rich harvest in this place in the near future.

Step 10

If you care about the environment and want to grow garden crops on the site of the stump, then remove the stump mechanically. Gradually eroding the soil, loosen the stump, saw through all the roots that you can reach, and then the main root. Remember that this is a very time consuming, difficult, hard work that will take you more than one day.