10 Deepest Metro Stations In The World

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10 Deepest Metro Stations In The World
10 Deepest Metro Stations In The World

Video: 10 Deepest Metro Stations In The World

Video: 10 Deepest Metro Stations In The World
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The Metro is the most convenient form of public transport in the largest cities in the world. Statisticians are constantly rating various metro indicators. The longest and shortest lines, the metro with the largest and least number of stations, have long been identified. They even try to identify the most beautiful metro.

10 deepest metro stations in the world
10 deepest metro stations in the world

The deepest metro stations

The deepest metro in the world is considered to be St. Petersburg. Therefore, six stations of this city were included in the rating at once. Based on the statistics, you can make the following list:

1. Station "Pehung", Pyongyang. The DPRK is a very closed country. Therefore, it is rather difficult to verify the accuracy of the figures, but according to experts, the depth of the station reaches 120 m, and some subway sections of Pyongyang even 150 m. Stations in the city were built with the aim of organizing bomb shelters in case of war. This explains the incredible depth. Thanks to its colorful marble panels, Pehung is also included in the 15 most beautiful metro stations in the world.

2. "Arsenalnaya", Kiev. The Kiev metro station is located under the hill, which makes it difficult to measure its depth. It is estimated to be about 105 m. The station, decorated with white and pink marble, was opened in 1960.

3. "Admiralteyskaya", St. Petersburg. It closes the top three with a depth of about 102 m. Its opening took place quite recently - in 2011. The station was decorated with a naval theme and was dedicated to Russian naval commanders.

4. "Victory Park", Moscow. The station, commissioned in 2003, has an impressive depth of 84 m. The walls, decorated in the style of a military theme, immediately tell about the wars of 1812 and 1941-1945.

5. Washington Park, Portland. With a depth of 80 m, the station closes the top five. Commissioned in 1998, it is noted in all guidebooks as the deepest in the United States. There is also a peculiarity here - not electric trains, but high-speed trams approach the platforms.

6. "Komendantsky Prospect", St. Petersburg. Opened in 2005, it has a depth of 75 m. For the first time in the St. Petersburg metro, metal-ceramic plates were used in the wall cladding.

7. "Proletarskaya", St. Petersburg. Opened in 1981. The depth is about 72 m. A majestic, almost solemn atmosphere is achieved through the use of high quality marble and granite.

8. "Lenin Square". St. Petersburg. Opened in 1958. Depth of about 71 m. Lenin from Finland.

9. "Primorskaya", St. Petersburg. Opened in 1979. Depth 71 m. Decorated with high reliefs of the ships of the Russian and Soviet fleets. The decoration emphasizes the proximity of the Baltic Sea.

10. "Chernyshevskaya", St. Petersburg. It was opened in 1958. The depth is almost 71 m. The first station in St. Petersburg, in the design of which no chandeliers and lamps were used. Instead, the cornice lighting option was chosen.

Every country wants to become the best, even in terms of the depth of the location of metro stations. Therefore, the accuracy of the data does not always correspond to reality.

Metro Facts

The subway is one of the rarest modes of transportation in the world. Only a little more than 100 cities have acquired this underground mode of transport. All of them are mainly located in the countries of Europe and the two Americas. The territories of Africa and Australia have only 2 subways each - in the major cities of Cairo, Tunisia, Melbourne and Sydney.

The oldest underground is London. It was launched on November 4, 1890. The length of the subway was 6 km. It is noteworthy that the first passenger was Prince Edward VII of Wales himself.

The New York subway has the largest number of stations in the world - 468. The total length of all its lines is almost 1400 km.

The cheapest subway is considered to be North Korean - the cost of a trip is only 3 American cents, the most expensive is London.