What Does Winter Smell Like

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What Does Winter Smell Like
What Does Winter Smell Like

Video: What Does Winter Smell Like

Video: What Does Winter Smell Like
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Does winter have a scent? Sure! Only this is not just a smell, but a complex cocktail of various aromas, which Zimushka mixes for everyone according to a special, individual recipe.

What does winter smell like
What does winter smell like

Each season has its own scents: summer smells of flowers and thunderous ozone, spring fills the air with the smells of fresh grass and bursting buds, autumn smells of fallen leaves and smoke of burnt branches … Winter also has its own unique smells.

Smells of the beginning of winter

Of course, the smells of winter are not as bright as in other seasons: nature is asleep, and sleep is a quiet process that does not require active movement, therefore, the smells of nature become subtle and subtle. And the more sharply other aromas are felt against their background.

But winter begins with the smell of snow and frost. Particular freshness and transparency of the air, when the cold finally fetters the moisture of the branches and foliage, polishes the puddles with ice parquet, and settles with a light frost on the bare branches of trees. And you understand: it smelled of winter.

And then the snowflakes start spinning, and the air is filled with a chop with freshness, it is easier to breathe and the smell of snow, barely perceptible, rather, hiding all the autumn smells, fills the space.

Scientists say that winter smells are less pronounced because molecules move more slowly in cold air, but this explanation completely deprives winter scents of the aura of romance.

Smells of the holidays

And in the middle of winter, new smells come: the aromas of the holidays, loved ones and the long-awaited, the smells of New Year and Christmas.

First, it is a coniferous spirit that comes to city apartments with a forest guest or simply with spruce and pine branches arranged in vases. Nowadays they put artificial spruce or pine much more often, but they still miss the aroma of needles - without it there will be no holiday atmosphere.

Then comes the smell of tangerines and chocolate, smoke from fireworks, firecrackers and sparklers, and by New Year's Eve, a full confusion of smells begins: the delicate aroma of perfume mixes with the spirit of homemade pies, the smell of wines competes with the smells of pickles on the table.

But the first morning of the new year comes, and then the second, so Christmas flashed …

Smells of winter joys

Time goes on, and the smells of the holiday are again replaced by the calm aromas of winter, occasionally disturbed by bright notes that break everyday life: the resinous breath of firewood crackling in the stove or fireplace, the smoke of a fire and the alluring aroma of food fried over a fire, a slightly pungent smell of ski ointment and the aroma of mulled wine, who are so pleased to warm up after a winter walk.

Mulled wine will smell differently for everyone, because its tart spicy bouquet is made up of the smells of spices, fruits and wine that make up it.

The smell of wet dog hair and clothing that dries in the warmth after playing in the snow or skiing down the mountains. Smells of the house, which are so easy to catch in winter after the snow-covered "sterility" outside.

And then the house is filled with the aroma of pancakes, and, even if it's still frosty outside, you can feel: Maslenitsa has come. This means that winter is over, spring is already close. And the day is not far off when, going out into the street, it will be possible to breathe in a completely different air, filled with something new, subtle, elusive, and understand: "It smells like spring!"