How The Airport Works

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How The Airport Works
How The Airport Works

Video: How The Airport Works

Video: How The Airport Works
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What is an airport? For some people, this complex, which meets and sees off passengers, is associated exclusively with the runway and the passenger terminal. But in reality, the arrangement of the airport is much more complicated.

How the airport works
How the airport works

The airport is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. This is a complex of structures built according to a special scheme.

What, in addition to the runway and the airport terminal, is available at the airport

First of all, the main component of the airport is the airfield, from where the aircraft depart and where they arrive. In turn, the airfield consists of an airfield. To make it clearer, these are runways and runways, taxiways and an apron. On the territory of the aerodrome there are also services that control the movement of air transport.

The second component of the complex of structures is the passenger terminal. In large cities, it can be very large with more than one terminal where passengers are served. Most of the buildings are located at the terminal. It is in the passenger terminal that are located:

- representative points of various airlines;

- a service that organizes passenger traffic;

- all kinds of security services;

- luggage storage space;

- immigration, customs and border service;

- places for recreation and pleasant pastime of passengers (shops, cafes, bookstores, entertainment rooms for children, rooms for mothers and children, and so on).

The third component of the airport is a cargo complex where various cargo and mail are loaded on board air transport. On the territory of the cargo complex there are covered heated storage facilities, as well as the means by which the delivery, loading and unloading of goods, things, mail is carried out.

Additional facilities at the airport

An integral part of the airport is the control tower, from where all aircraft operations are controlled. If the airport is impressive in size, in addition to the tower, control points are installed, each of which has its own area of responsibility. Also, the most important component is the service of electrical and radio technical support of flights, from where the dispatcher contacts the pilots and controls each plane that took off from their airport and which must land on their territory.

So, all the components of the airport complexes are listed. But each airport is a unique structure, therefore, in addition to the above structures, there may be other facilities on the territory of the airport that are intended for a pleasant pastime of passengers while waiting for their flight.