Why Do Gypsies Know How To Guess

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Why Do Gypsies Know How To Guess
Why Do Gypsies Know How To Guess

Video: Why Do Gypsies Know How To Guess

Video: Why Do Gypsies Know How To Guess
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"The gypsy has guessed" - these words have already become a kind of saying, indicating that the results of fortune-telling should certainly be trusted. Indeed, the gypsies constantly offer to tell fortunes, but is it true that they have achieved incredible success in this? And if so, what is the reason?

Why do gypsies know how to guess
Why do gypsies know how to guess


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The traditional way of life of the Roma is strikingly different from what is considered normal. They wander from place to place, do not value houses and real estate, preferring freedom of movement to this. But this way of organizing your life entails certain difficulties: on the road you need to somehow earn money. How do you do it? Here the gypsies use various methods, and fortune-telling is one of them.

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Fortune telling is a one-time service. Despite the fact that it is believed that clairvoyant people should not take money for fortune-telling, they often do it, and this allows the gypsies to survive during the travels. They learn to guess from an early age. It is believed that if a person has a talent for fortune-telling, with such a reverent attitude, he will certainly manifest. Perhaps that is why people think that the predictions of the gypsies often come true.

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In addition to the skills of fortune-telling honed from childhood, nomadic gypsies practice one more skill: psychology. They communicate a lot with people and learn to feel what a person feels. Unobtrusively asking leading questions, an experienced gypsy woman will find out the background of the person to whom she is guessing. The appearance, clothes and things of a person will help to understand the rest. Next, you need to look at the reaction. Indeed, gypsies often guess the circumstances of life, as they closely observe clients.

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It can hardly be said that there are peoples who are fundamentally different in their skills from each other. All people from the point of view of nationalities have approximately equal abilities, but much depends on the cultural characteristics and the environment in which children grow up. Among representatives of some peoples, children learn programming from an early age, in others, the emphasis in upbringing is placed on religiosity, and still others learn fortune-telling from elders. As they grow up, they will all try to apply the skills that are best developed for them.

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The gypsies themselves, if you ask them why they are guessing, say that not all representatives of the nomadic people do this. They believe that the ability to clairvoyance and fortune-telling does not arise from scratch, but is inherited. None of the gypsies seriously thinks that fortune telling can be taught to someone who has no ability to do it. Even deceiving people, they themselves perfectly understand that they do not have this skill. Most often, fortune-telling is just a way to get food for yourself and your children.

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According to statistics, it is currently very difficult to find nomadic gypsies in Russia. The data of the population inventories show that the Roma lead a traditional way of life, there are no more than 1%, the rest live an ordinary sedentary life. Despite this, even if a person lives an ordinary life, but he has gypsy genes, he is called "romano rat". Such a person, if he wants, can return to the gypsies. Among the famous representatives of the novels are Charlie Chaplin, Sergey Kuryokhin, Anna Netrebko and others.

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In Western Europe, nomadic gypsies from Eastern Europe have become a real disaster. According to crime statistics, trying to make money, they often sell drugs to local youth.