Where Can You Buy Artificial Snow

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Where Can You Buy Artificial Snow
Where Can You Buy Artificial Snow

Video: Where Can You Buy Artificial Snow

Video: Where Can You Buy Artificial Snow
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To buy snow that can be used repeatedly and admire its shimmer and fluffiness, you should be aware of the distinctive features of high-quality and fake materials. Artificial snow is available in bags and cans.

Artificial snow for decoration
Artificial snow for decoration

Artificial snow is not a basic necessity, but still the demand for it is quite high. It is used in carrying out various advertising campaigns, filming films, and is a decoration of the holidays. If we talk about the practical, rather than aesthetic, side of using artificial snow, it will help where you need to get rid of moisture accumulation and prevent the formation of puddles.

Types of artificial snow

• Polymer

This product is very beautiful: it has an icy sheen, crumbly, shimmers when illuminated by the sun or ordinary bulbs. Such snow is practically indistinguishable from the present.

• Viscose

Its peculiarity is in dazzling whiteness, lightness and fluffiness. This material is so plastic that it is possible to sculpt snowballs from it, outwardly similar to real ones.

• Polyethylene foam

In addition to white, it can be any other color. Ideal for creating special effects and festive compositions.

• Gel

For filming, they use the property of this snow to turn into real slush. Therefore, they are sprinkled with paths, benches, puddles.

Where is artificial snow sold?

You can buy it in any large shopping center or special online stores. There you can also buy a foam machine that is used to simulate snowfall. The powder is also sold in cans, with which it is quite easy to transform small areas, for example, a window. But most manufacturers use packaging in bags weighing from 1 kg. Only 100 grams of artificial snow is enough to produce 7.5 liters of mass.

You should not think that after a holiday or an advertising campaign, the snow needs to be thrown away. Not at all: it is used repeatedly, it is enough just to collect the mass in a suitable container and wait for the next celebration. If colored snow is required, then the water to which the powder is added must be tinted with natural or synthetic dyes.

Due to the increasing demand for this product, counterfeits began to appear. It is quite simple to distinguish them: such snow looks less realistic: the artificiality of its origin is clearly guessed in it. It does not shine or shimmer. And when illuminated, it gives only a faded matte shimmer. You can also distinguish a fake during the production of snow powder: if the composition is of high quality, made in compliance with the production technology, then when water gets into it, it instantly turns into a crumbly, fluffy mass. Fake snow takes much longer to swell.