How Almonds Bloom

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How Almonds Bloom
How Almonds Bloom

Video: How Almonds Bloom

Video: How Almonds Bloom
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Nutmeg - almonds - can be compared to the graceful body of a beautiful girl who froze in anticipation of something. Almonds are distinguished by a touching refined beauty, which artists have repeatedly reflected on their canvases.

How almonds bloom
How almonds bloom

Initially, almonds germinated in Asia Minor, Tien Shan, Iran, the Balkan Peninsula, but the beauty of this shrub did not leave people indifferent, travelers brought thin twigs from distant shores, the seedlings took root. In Russia, such shrubs can be found in the Crimea, the southern regions of the Trans-Urals and in the Danube regions. It should be noted that the Russians are very fond of the almond bush, they began to actively use it in landscape design to create magical flowering gardens.

Almonds are a small tree, rather even a shrub, with a powerful root system that can reach 5 meters. It grows up to 10 meters in height. Of course, there are different varieties of this shrub, differing in height, shape and flowering abundance.

Common almonds

Common almonds usually grow up to 3-8 meters. At the beginning of the flowering period (April-May), flowers of a reddish tone appear, which have a pink corolla and a goblet-shaped prostate calyx, the diameter of the flowers is 3-4 cm.

The flowers of common almonds are characterized by the presence of single, large flowers, which together form a magical blooming cloud instead of a bush.

Steppe almond

Steppe almonds rarely grow more than 1.5 meters. The flowers are bright pink in color. Their diameter is 2-2.5 centimeters. They bloom simultaneously with the appearance of leaves, which gives the bush a spherical shape of a flowering meadow. Although flowering does not last for a long time, only 7-10 days in May, it is simply impossible for an indifferent to pass by such an unusual bush, the impression remains for the whole year.

Three-lobed almond

Three-lobed almond reaches 3 meters. Unlike its counterparts, this bush has flowers of a dark pink or deep crimson color, somewhat reminiscent of small roses that are strewn with the entire bush. The diameter of flowers is usually from one and a half to 3 cm.

The bush begins to bloom in early April, the flowering duration reaches 30-35 days.

Almonds are inherently an amazing shrub that can decorate your garden, both as a bright spot against the background of spring, awakening nature, and as a hedge covered with many small inflorescences.

Almond flowers look especially impressive against the background of huge boulders or conifers, and almond branches are perfectly combined in bouquets with spring flowers and delight the eye for a long time. Do not forget that some of its varieties bear fruit in the form of your favorite almonds, subject to proper natural conditions, of course.