How To Make Your Voice Disappear

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How To Make Your Voice Disappear
How To Make Your Voice Disappear

Video: How To Make Your Voice Disappear

Video: How To Make Your Voice Disappear
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The voice is formed by the vocal cords. Its strength depends on their condition, and if they are damaged, loss of voice is possible. What can negatively affect him, causing temporary loss? How to achieve this, this manual will tell you.

How to make your voice disappear
How to make your voice disappear


Step 1

Inadvertently consume cold foods such as ice cream or soft drinks. Eat snow or break off an icicle and nibble on it.

Step 2

Chill yourself out in the cold for a long time, under air conditioning, or sit in a draft. Then you get laryngitis, tonsillitis (sore throat), and possibly even tracheitis. It is laryngitis that has a particularly strong effect on the vocal cords, causing their dysfunction due to extensive inflammation of the laryngeal mucosa.

True, this is very risky and fraught with complications for the body, since the voice can be lost forever.

How to make your voice disappear
How to make your voice disappear

Step 3

Talk a lot without interruption - three or four hours. This may be while you are lecturing. At the same time, do not pay attention to dryness and tickling in the larynx, do not give yourself rest to soften the larynx with a couple of sips of water.

Step 4

Be nervous and upset more often when you are under stress. It also depresses the vocal cords. At any opportunity, do not refuse to participate in a loud dispute or even arrange a scandal. Strongly strain your voice, speak very loudly, and start screaming.

Step 5

Practice loud singing for too long, and then go out into the cold, continuing to overextend your vocal cords there.

Step 6

Drink soda and drinks often. Eat food that is too hot, spicy.

Step 7

Breathe in dusty, gassed air more often, and inhale not through your nose, but through your mouth. And if you smoke, then this will bring you even closer to the cherished goal of losing your voice, since smoke and dust dry out and coarse the tissue of the vocal cords.

Step 8

In some people, the intake of strong alcohol can cause a significant deterioration in the voice - up to a complete disappearance. Especially if it is aggravated by any of the things listed above.

Step 9

If you use a product to which you have previously had an allergic reaction, then anaphylactic shock may develop. There will be extensive swelling of the soft tissues of the larynx and trachea. It may happen that you will practically not be able to breathe, and only prompt medical assistance will bring you out of this dangerous state.