Properties Of Natural Topaz

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Properties Of Natural Topaz
Properties Of Natural Topaz

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Video: Properties Of Natural Topaz
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Topaz is distinguished by its extraordinary beauty. The best qualities of a stone are a pronounced shine, a variety of colors and, at the same time, a fairly affordable price. The name of the stone comes from the Greek island of Topazos, which means "fire" in Sanskrit.

Properties of natural topaz
Properties of natural topaz


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One of the properties of topaz is that it is colorless by itself. Nevertheless, in jewelry stores you can see natural stones of various shades. The fact is that in nature, topaz, as a rule, combines with various trace elements, which paint it in various colors. Another property of the stone is the ability to emit heat and light.

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When cut, golden topaz looks as if it is filled with flame from the inside. However, in nature it is not possible to meet it too often, as well as pink, red and purple stones. The most common are blue-green, blue, light yellow and clear topaz. However, even in Ancient Russia, a method for obtaining a pink stone was invented - for this, yellow topaz was placed in a hot oven for 2 days or baked inside a loaf of bread.

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Sometimes topaz contains "phantoms" - the inclusion of other stones (for example, quartz, mica, tourmaline). The phantom is usually curved in the shape of a lens and creates a kind of image. In the Urals, there are deposits of blue, green, yellow and transparent topaz. Some of the rarest in the world are the South Ural gems, including purple, bright pink and cranberry-red stones.

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One of the most beautiful semi-precious stones is sky blue topaz. Its noble color can lend a sophisticated look to any piece of jewelry. Topaz Imperial is considered a special luxury. It can be golden yellow or pink. When stored in a closed box, it retains a bright and rich color well. The rarest and most expensive natural topaz stones are red and pink.

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Healing properties are also attributed to topaz. It is believed to help with insomnia, nervous disorders and liver diseases. It is sometimes used to relieve asthma attacks and stop bleeding. There is also an opinion that a topaz pendant should be worn to prevent colds and increase immunity. The most powerful energetically are considered golden topaz.

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In the East, a golden stone is considered a symbol of spiritual enlightenment. In addition, amulets are often made from it, protecting against damage, the evil eye and other negative influences. Light blue topaz gives rise to optimism in the human soul and promotes the development of intuition. He can give women beauty, men - wisdom, and all together - recognition, success and wealth.