How To Train A Left-handed Person

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How To Train A Left-handed Person
How To Train A Left-handed Person

Video: How To Train A Left-handed Person

Video: How To Train A Left-handed Person
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Lefties have lateral thinking and creative talent. But it is believed that "left-handed" children have learning problems. The averaged school curricula are not guided by the characteristics of such students, so parents should pay increased attention to the development and learning of the child.

How to train a left-handed person
How to train a left-handed person


Step 1

Psychologists recommend refusing to retrain a left-handed child and warn that changing the leading hand is associated with interference in the activity of the brain. Children may experience neurotic symptoms: stuttering, fears, enuresis, impaired appetite and sleep, tics, lethargy and lethargy.

Step 2

If you do not need to change the dominant hand in a left-handed child, devote 15-20 minutes daily to exercises and games that promote motor development. It can be swimming, modeling, weaving macrame, knitting, embroidery.

Step 3

"Left-handed" children are usually very slow and have great difficulty in getting started. Be patient and create a welcoming environment. This will calm the emotionally unstable left-handers, otherwise they may panic and make a lot of mistakes.

Step 4

Explain the material step by step. This will help the child build a logical chain and recreate the overall picture of what he has learned.

Step 5

Use creative assignments to reinforce the sequence of actions. For example, creating illustrations for fairy tales and stories. Be sure to ask the child later to retell the content of the literary work using the drawn picture. You can invite the left-handed person to compose a story based on a series of plot drawings. Children's comics are good for this.

Step 6

When teaching a left-handed person to write, consider the possibility of the appearance of "mirror" writing of letters. If this happens, gently and tactfully point out to your child.

Step 7

While completing the written assignments, strictly fix the place of the beginning of the recording and monitor compliance with the line. Pay attention to the phonetic (sound) composition of the word. This will help prevent and eradicate spelling errors.

Step 8

Due to the need to solve a number of tasks at the same time, left-handers have problems with cheating. Therefore, it takes them much more time to complete such tasks. Do not rush the child in any way.

Step 9

While reading, left-handed children often lose lines and try to read the text from the middle or from right to left. To help your child in the early stages of learning, cover the page with a blank sheet, leaving only the readable syllable open. Gradually teach your child to do this on their own. Let him perform this auxiliary action until he begins to automatically follow the line and select the desired direction.