How To Collect Resin

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How To Collect Resin
How To Collect Resin

Video: How To Collect Resin

Video: How To Collect Resin
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Healing resin, called oleoresin, has unique medicinal properties. Such a valuable medicine is generously given to people by larch, cedar, pine, spruce, fir and other coniferous trees. There are several ways to collect resin. The choice of a suitable one depends on whether the resin is in a liquid or hardened state.

How to collect resin
How to collect resin

It is necessary

  • - container, tightly closing;
  • - cord 150 cm.;
  • - a cloth soaked in vegetable oil;
  • - an awl with a thin sting;
  • - knife.


Step 1

Collect resin for its maximum usefulness, produce away from urban settlements and highways. Choose trees that grow on dry soil as they are more resinous than trees that grow on wet soil.

Step 2

Harvesting hardened resin harvested resin can be harvested all year round. When going to collect the resin, prepare a container with a lid, a knife and an oiled napkin. Once in a coniferous forest, look for trees with natural cracks or previously damaged bark, from which a resinous liquid oozed and solidified. On such trees, there is enough hardened resin suitable for collecting drips and slugs.

Step 3

Having chosen a suitable tree, proceed to collecting. Wipe the knife with an oiled cloth to keep the resin from sticking to the knife. Cut off the rush and place the resin in the prepared container. Do not cut the resin in large slabs - this is problematic due to its stringy properties. Remember that in the cold season the resin is less sticky and easier to pick up.

Step 4

Collecting fresh transparent resin Collect fresh resin from the beginning of the sap flow of conifers, which begins in early spring and lasts until autumn.

Step 5

In hot weather, the resin builds up more intensively and has a more generous return. Remember that the higher the air temperature, the more liquid the resin will be. Do not collect fresh resin in rainy or cold weather - at such times, the yield of the resinous liquid is very poor.

Step 6

Going into the coniferous forest, select a young tree. Prepare a container to collect the resin and a cord to tie the container to the tree. At the base of one of the thick branches of the tree, make an incision 5-6 cm deep into the thickness of the bark, and place a collection container under it.

Step 7

To collect resin from fir, prepare an awl with a thin sting, as well as a dark glass jar with a tight-fitting lid. While in a coniferous forest, pay attention to the trunk of a fir. Its feature is small bumps under the bark, which are filled with life-giving resin. Such tubercles are located along the entire height of the tree, but the collection is mainly carried out in the lower part, which is most accessible for harvesting work. In the lower lobe of the found tubercle, make a puncture with an awl. Place a container under the puncture to collect the resin. Press down on the bump and squeeze out the resin.

Step 8

The resin hardens quickly enough in the open air, so always keep the container closed. Cover the resin with vegetable oil if desired to keep it liquid and clear for longer.