How To Sign Up For Extras

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How To Sign Up For Extras
How To Sign Up For Extras

Video: How To Sign Up For Extras

Video: How To Sign Up For Extras

Have you ever dreamed of casually declaring to your family or friends: "Today at eight, turn on the first channel, they will show me on TV!" This dream can be realized quite simply. It is enough just to get into the extras of a movie or to any popular TV show. And the extras are your option if you are not interested in worldwide fame, but you would not refuse extra money for a simple job.

How to sign up for extras
How to sign up for extras


Step 1

Visit as many film studios in your city as possible and leave your details there. At each film studio there are acting agencies that are engaged in the selection of actors and extras. Provide detailed information about yourself: height, age, eye color, clothing size, and so on. After that, you can wait for a call and invite you to shoot, or you can regularly ask yourself about the availability of work.

Step 2

Register on sites where you can find work in the crowd. For example, here is an active forum for participants and organizers of the crowd scene -

Step 3

Submit your quality photos to all of the extras photography websites. Make sure that in the photo you look like yourself, do not get carried away with Photoshop. Not the most beautiful and imposing ones are selected for the crowd. The main thing is compliance with the desired type.

Step 4

Find the contact details of the extras on the forums and websites. The foreman in this case is a person who is engaged in the selection of actors to participate in a movie or television show. Now it remains to call those whose requirements you are suitable, propose your candidacy and sign up for the shooting.

Step 5

Get to know the crowd leaders of the crowd more closely. Try to please them, then the first recording on the shooting will not be the last. You can make the necessary gifts, flatter, treat you to dinner, in general, constantly remind you of yourself.

Step 6

Register on popular social networks. Through them, you can also sign up for the crowd. Direct offers from foremen often appear on this page -

Step 7

Track ads in newspapers. In them you can learn about the large sets of extras for the shooting of a TV series or movie. New faces are often required in film and television, so the need for extras will never disappear.