External Signs Of A Drug Addict

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External Signs Of A Drug Addict
External Signs Of A Drug Addict

Video: External Signs Of A Drug Addict

Video: External Signs Of A Drug Addict
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There are a number of signs thanks to which relatives and friends can feel that something is wrong and take all the necessary measures to prevent trouble. Almost everyone can easily identify a drunk person, and drug addiction often goes unnoticed for a long time. Signs of drug use by a person can be different, they depend on the type of drugs, doses, frequency of administration and combination.

External signs of a drug addict
External signs of a drug addict


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The first signs of drug addiction are, first of all, loss of enthusiasm, indifference, loss of interest in previous hobbies, secrecy, isolation, deceit. Alienation from society, withdrawal from friends, loss of contact with loved ones is noticed. The old connections are being replaced by new companies, often hidden from the family.

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Frozen poses, flinching from sounds, memory lapses, lack of logical thinking, inability to explain their actions are observed. Also, people who use drugs experience frequent mood swings, mental instability, intolerance, and aggression for no apparent reason is often manifested. Especially should be alerted by the sharp change in the excited state to passive and inhibited. Roughness, cruelty, uncharacteristic earlier, appear, manners and often even handwriting change.

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Carelessness and fun can often be replaced by anger, anxiety, and sadness. The formula for sleep changes: during the day - drowsiness, and at night - insomnia. Also, changes can be observed in appetite: its complete absence is replaced by gluttony. Gustatory preferences may change. For example, opium addicts sometimes only eat sweets because they become nauseous from other foods. In addition, they do not tolerate tobacco smoke.

Step 4

Beliefs about the freedom to use drugs and a positive opinion about them deserve close attention. Specific jargon is often heard.

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The most typical external sign of a drug addict is a change in complexion - it can be excessive pallor, redness, circles under the eyes, overly narrowed or, conversely, dilated pupils.

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With inhalation use of narcotic substances, inflammation of the border of the lips and cracks in the corners of the mouth appear. Possible swelling of the face, difficulty in nasal breathing, the face may resemble a frozen mask, or, on the contrary, excessively lively facial expressions are observed.

Step 7

The teeth become indelibly coated and yellow in color, the tongue changes color, swells and longitudinal stripes form on its surface. Starting to take drugs, a person suddenly loses weight, clearly visible marks from injections appear on the body. A runny nose that does not go away, fever, drunkenness without a corresponding odor. The gait becomes unstable, wobbly. A person becomes sloppy, chemical stains can often be seen on clothes.

Step 8

It should also alert the appearance of unusual odors - from the mouth and from clothes. For example, when smoking cannabis, the smoke has a special smell of rotten hay and dampness.