How To Protect A Caregiver

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How To Protect A Caregiver
How To Protect A Caregiver

Video: How To Protect A Caregiver

Video: How To Protect A Caregiver
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Conflict situations in preschool institutions, alas, are not uncommon. In most situations, parents tend to blame the caregivers for everything. In each specific case, it is necessary to find out whether the teacher really behaved incorrectly, or whether the child simply has too rich imagination.

How to protect a caregiver
How to protect a caregiver

It is necessary

  • - application;
  • - feedback from other parents about the work of this teacher;
  • - the conclusion of a psychologist;
  • - the results of the service check.


Step 1

If you run a kindergarten, and the teacher complains of harassment from your parents, then be sure to intervene in the situation. Listen to both parties to the conflict. Even if you are practically sure that the teacher is not to blame, remain external neutrality. Otherwise, your parents will begin to reproach you for covering up negligent employees. In such a development of events, the family may begin to bypass you, contacting the district education department and other authorities directly.

Step 2

Invite people who complain about the provider to write a statement in which they detail their grievances.

Step 3

At the same time, contact the other parents whose children are in this group. Ask them to write a review about the caregiver they are complaining about.

Step 4

Attach these reviews to the papers you already have. Conduct a service audit, and file the results in writing. Publish your opinion on this issue by attaching a copy to the information board. These measures will help you avoid disciplinary action from the regulatory authorities, because from a formal point of view, the procedure for considering the complaint was carried out correctly.

Step 5

If it became clear from the circumstances of the case that the child slandered the teacher, and there are no witnesses to the incident, then ask the staff psychologist to give his opinion regarding the behavior of this child.

Step 6

If your parents insult the provider, ask your worker to file a counter-complaint against them. Notify them about the received application and inform that if this happens again, then this complaint will grow into a lawsuit to protect the honor and dignity of your colleague. People who are worried about their careers and reputation will once again soberly analyze the situation and are likely to agree to some kind of compromise.