Where And When To Apply For Kindergarten

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Where And When To Apply For Kindergarten
Where And When To Apply For Kindergarten

Video: Where And When To Apply For Kindergarten

Video: Where And When To Apply For Kindergarten
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Caring parents think in advance about the age at which it is better to send a child to kindergarten. In order for your child to be assigned a place in a kindergarten by this time, the question of when and where to apply for a place in kindergarten should be the subject of attention. Every year, employees of education departments determine the set of age groups for each kindergarten for the next academic year. Based on the data obtained, the heads of children's educational institutions are recruiting into these groups.

Where and when to apply for kindergarten
Where and when to apply for kindergarten

It is necessary

Child's birth certificate, parent's passport, medical records and certificates for the child, internet


Step 1

In order for your child to be enrolled in the new recruitment group for the next school year, in a timely manner - from the beginning to the end of the current school year - submit the application and documents for the kindergarten. Additional staffing is carried out during the entire beginning of the academic year.

Step 2

Check with your local education department or its official website about the current municipal preschool institutions. Decide on the choice of kindergarten where you would like to take your child. Parents, when applying for a queue, have the right to indicate three kindergartens. Choose kindergartens that will recruit groups according to the age of the child at the time the group starts.

Step 3

Keep in mind that after consideration of the application, a situation may arise when the child is sent to three kindergartens at once. He will be sent to the preschool institution, which is indicated in the application first, i.e. with a lower serial number. So that in the future the documents are submitted to the kindergarten, which I would like to get into first of all, determine for yourself the priority order between the kindergartens.

Step 4

To get a place in one of the selected childcare facilities, please join the queue. First, register your child in the municipal database of children in need of pre-school attendance - the MBD. To do this, submit an appropriate application.

Step 5

Sign up for the MBD on the official Internet resource for the provision of municipal services in the field of preschool education using an electronic service.

Step 6

If it is not possible to register electronically, make an appointment directly at the center for the provision of state and municipal services for enrolling children in preschool educational institutions.

Step 7

Regardless of how you submitted an application for enrolling a child on the queue in a municipal preschool educational institution, be sure to confirm it and submit the documents required for a child care institution. You will be given a confirmation notice.

Step 8

Regularly check the status of your applications and follow the information about the child's place in the queue. When informing about the direction of the child to kindergarten, visit the proposed institution and confirm your intention to enroll your child in this kindergarten. Enrollment is made in the presence of all the required and submitted documents to the kindergarten.