How To Draw Letters

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How To Draw Letters
How To Draw Letters

Video: How To Draw Letters

Video: How To Draw Letters
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If you do not have calligraphic handwriting and there is no way to print the desired inscription on a printer, then if you need to draw up a greeting poster, write an ad or a poster, the ability to draw letters will come to the rescue.

How to draw letters
How to draw letters

It is necessary

  • - paper, whatman paper or cardboard;
  • - a simple pencil;
  • - ruler, protractor.


Step 1

Before you can draw the letters, you need to line them up with a simple pencil. For each line, draw three horizontal lines: the lower border of the lettering, 2/3 of it - the upper border for the uppercase letters and, after measuring another 1/3, draw the upper border for the uppercase letters. Leave underneath the line and draw the same horizontal lines for the other lines.

Step 2

For oblique letters, draw vertical lines at the desired angle. Attach a protractor to one of the horizontal lines, measure the angle and draw a straight line. Draw several vertical lines parallel to this line.

Step 3

The letters of the Russian alphabet, according to the drawing technique, can be divided into 5 groups. The first group includes letters consisting of straight lines, and it is easiest to draw them: H, G, E, P, T, Ts, Sh, Sh. These letters are the same in width, with the exception of Sh and Sh.

Step 4

The letters L, D, M, I consist of both straight and oblique lines. The third group includes letters consisting only of oblique lines: Y, X, A. In order to draw these 7 letters, you only need a ruler.

Step 5

The letters O, C, E, 3 consist of rounded lines. To draw roundings, use drawing templates or compasses, having previously determined the size of the letters.

Step 6

The most numerous, the fifth group, includes letters consisting of horizontal and vertical lines combined with rounded details. These are B, V, F, K, R, H, F, b, S, L, Y, Ya. You can draw these letters both with a ruler and with a compass.

Step 7

To make it easier to draw letters on the markup, first draw the alphabet on a separate sheet of paper, work out the drawing technique, determine the required sizes of characters. To give the letters volume, draw a sketch of the letter, then add a few millimeters on both sides and draw an outline. Erase the inner lines with an eraser.

Step 8

When finished, erase the markup. If desired, paint the letters with any artistic paints.