How To Write Letters With An Inventory

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How To Write Letters With An Inventory
How To Write Letters With An Inventory

Video: How To Write Letters With An Inventory

Video: How To Write Letters With An Inventory
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One of the most popular services provided by the Post of the Russian Federation allows you to send important documents (passport, marriage registration certificate, driver's license, etc.) and securities (stocks, bonds, lottery tickets, etc.). To draw up a letter with an inventory, you will need to collect information about the rules for such shipment, since you can make some of the preparations in advance.

How to write letters with an inventory
How to write letters with an inventory


  • - Inventory form form 107;
  • - a sheet of paper for writing;
  • - the envelope;
  • - pen.


Step 1

To get started, purchase a special form of the Russian Post Office (form 107). It can be found on special sites that provide forms of the established form, as well as downloaded from the official website of the Russian Post Office and printed. You can take this form directly at the post office from the operator. You will need two copies of the inventory. The first of them will be included in the envelope along with the cover letter, and the second, certified by the seal, will be kept with you.

Step 2

Fill out the list of attachments, listing all the values that will be attached to the letter to be sent to the addressee. In addition, you will need to indicate the value of each of the positions in a separate column. In case of loss, you can receive compensation. But remember that the shipping cost will also depend on the specified amount.

Step 3

Write a cover letter in which you can re-list all attachments with an indication of their value. Please also describe the purpose of sending valuables here. Sign and date the letter. In addition, you can write a request for confirmation of receipt and contact details to contact you.

Step 4

Now sign the envelope. Here, traditionally, indicate the details of the recipient of the valuable letter and your own. For individuals, this is the full name and home address, for organizations - the name of the company and the actual location address. Also write the total cost of the shipment in brackets on the envelope. Do not seal the envelope.

Step 5

The envelope you have prepared with the enclosed letter, filled in the inventory and valuables, give the mail operator for registration. He will check the attachments, checking them against the inventory, sign the inventory and certify with the seal. Take your copy of the inventory and a receipt for the service from him, in which you can find the mailing poisoning ID number. On the website of the Russian Post, you can use it to monitor the transportation of your letter.