How To Make Blood Flow

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How To Make Blood Flow
How To Make Blood Flow

Video: How To Make Blood Flow

Video: How To Make Blood Flow

Blood is the main component of the circulatory system. If you know the main reasons for its possible loss, then it is easier to avoid such cases. Consider how you can provoke blood loss of one degree or another.

How to make blood flow
How to make blood flow


Step 1

Let the mosquito drink your blood and then swat it.

Step 2

Irritate an animal that is armed with self-defense - sharp claws, teeth. An unfriendly cat, for example, is perfect for this.

Step 3

Be careless when handling sharp-edged objects such as an awl, knife, razor.

Step 4

When hammering in a nail, miss the top of the nail by hitting your finger.

Step 5

Blood also begins to be secreted in places where the ears or other parts of the body are pierced during the piercing procedure.

Step 6

Buy a disposable scarifier from your pharmacy. It is used to apply a scratch-prick to a finger when taking a blood sample for general analysis. Prick yourself with it.

set of disposable scarifiers
set of disposable scarifiers

Step 7

For a detailed analysis, blood is taken from a vein. Disconnect the syringe after inserting the needle into it. Blood will flow.

Step 8

Become a blood donor at least once.

Step 9

Agree to a surgical intervention, in which the surgeon's scalpel is used - they make incisions in soft tissues during the operation on the tissues of the patient's body.

Step 10

If you have high blood pressure, while the capillaries in the nose are very weak, then it is enough to abruptly change the position of your body, for example, quickly lower your head down to cause nosebleeds.

Step 11

Bite down on your lip, tongue, or the inside of your cheek. This can be unexpected, rarely during a hasty meal.

Step 12

Use a stiff-bristled toothbrush and use it vigorously to clean your mouth.

Step 13

Eat 5-6 unripe kiwi fruits. Their acid will begin to corrode the surface of the tongue and many small droplets of blood will appear on it.

Step 14

Take part in a fight, become a participant in a boxing match or other type of fighting competition. During the fight, miss your opponent's punches often.

Step 15

Without safety net, behave inadvertently at height. In most cases, you are guaranteed to fall. As a result of this extreme landing, open limb fractures, soft tissue ruptures or hemorrhages occur.