How To Organize A Clean-up Day

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How To Organize A Clean-up Day
How To Organize A Clean-up Day

Video: How To Organize A Clean-up Day

Video: How To Organize A Clean-up Day

Subbotniks are a positive experience of the past that should not be forgotten. If you skillfully organize a one-time mass cleaning, then the yard will become clean, and the people who took part in the common cause will be happy.

How to organize a clean-up day
How to organize a clean-up day

We make an ad

Before you organize a clean-up day, you need to decide on its date. It is usually held at the end of April. If the snow melted early, then you can go out to clean and improve the streets in the middle of this month. If the snow has lingered, then the last Saturday of April will do.

Now you need to compose and print an announcement about the upcoming event. This should be done in advance so that all residents of the house are notified of the upcoming business.

Make up your ad in an original way to interest people and make them want to join the cleanup. Write that a unique event will soon take place - the transformation of the courtyard into a picturesque corner.

Note in the ad that a cheerful mood, warm communication are guaranteed, and at the end of outdoor activities, everyone will have a tea party.

What else needs to be taken care of in advance

Funds for the cleanup can be asked at the housing office, which owns this territory. The accountant will be able to spend these costs as funds spent on general cleaning and landscaping.

The same organization can provide the necessary materials and equipment. Here's what you may need for a cleanup:

- fabric and rubber gloves;

- stretcher;

- brooms;

- rake;

- shovels.

If folk craftsmen live in the courtyard, then it will not be difficult for them to make a beautiful bench, a wooden sculpture of a fairy-tale hero, animals. If someone draws well, then they can paint beautifully the wall of the house, the entrance.

The main thing is to talk in advance with these "folk nuggets", ask what they need for creativity. After that, you need to go to the housing office and agree on the costs. If this organization compensates for only a part of them, then write in the announcement about the subbotnik that you are requested to have gloves with you, and whoever has the opportunity - hammers, nails for minor repairs of yard objects.

How to get people interested

Take care of the music. Cheerful songs will raise the mood of people on this day and those who doubted whether to come to the clean-up day will certainly also want to join.

A common cause will unite the tenants and help to get to know each other better, and to make friends for someone. A feast after a hard day will also contribute to this rallying.

If the representatives of the housing office are generous or there are sponsors, then use the allocated money to buy pies, sweets, tea, disposable dishes and set the table right on the street.

Large shops are usually available in housing offices. Tenants can provide tables for a while. After a hard day, where children worked on a par with adults, and even elderly people helped, tea drinking will come in handy.

Everyone will look forward to the next Saturday or will want to go out on Sunday tomorrow.