How To Quickly Organize A Move

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How To Quickly Organize A Move
How To Quickly Organize A Move

Video: How To Quickly Organize A Move

Video: How To Quickly Organize A Move
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Moving is almost always a daunting task. It is accompanied by fuss and stress. However, if you approach the matter correctly, the move will be quite easy and without unnecessary nerves.


Step 1

Don't be afraid to throw things away. When sorting things before putting them into boxes, do not take "conditionally necessary" items with you. Feel free to get rid of those that you have not used during the year, and those that you used from time to time. If you are sorry to throw them in the trash, use the portals for free ads on the Internet, but do not try to attach such things to your friends for a long time.

Step 2

Sort things right. If you have very little time to get ready, it is enough to use large categories: children's things, husband's things, personal belongings, household utensils. If there is a little more time, try to divide each large category into several groups according to the principle of frequency of use. The first group includes things that you will have to use every day in a new place, the second - things for the occasion (for example, clothes for the next season), the third - things in reserve (although it is better to get rid of most of these things during preliminary sorting).

Step 3

Pack items in the order you specified for sorting, always start with the first group of essentials. To make it easier to find the boxes you want most in a new location, use contrasting tape to seal them so you can find the things that matter right away. Be sure to number all boxes and make an inventory of the contents in a notebook, best of all duplicate this information. Label boxes, for example, if the box contains glass and china, draw a bold exclamation mark on it. Cross out the corresponding items in the notebook as you unpack it, so you will know for sure that everything has been transported.

Step 4

Invest in good packaging materials that can make your life a lot easier. Buy vacuum bags to help reduce the volume of blankets, pillows, and outerwear. Get enough bubble wrap to transport fragile glass items without loss.

Step 5

Calculate how many boxes for books and things you need, and then order them one and a half times more, the same applies to ropes and duct tape. More often than not, people do not adequately assess the amount of their belongings.

Step 6

If you are going to transport furniture, be sure to disassemble it, put all screws and screws in separate bags with tags, this will simplify the collection of furniture in a new place. Do not feel sorry for the wrapping film to wrap the furniture parts, this will avoid scratches.

Step 7

Order freight transport or move on your own late in the evening. This will reduce the amount of travel time, thus avoiding unnecessary worries. If your boxes are well sorted, and the furniture is disassembled and folded, loading things into the hired vehicle will not take long, as well as unloading. By the way, make sure that there is a freight elevator at the new place, if not, leave bulky items that may not fit into a regular elevator for later. If you are moving at a later time of day, you should not drag large wardrobes up the stairs to the desired floor.