How To Pay A Fine By Order

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How To Pay A Fine By Order
How To Pay A Fine By Order

Video: How To Pay A Fine By Order

Video: How To Pay A Fine By Order
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Payment of a fine by order is the payment of a fine, which is made by a court order to enforce a fine. Since a citizen of the Russian Federation is given 30 days to voluntarily pay a fine.

How to pay a fine by order
How to pay a fine by order


  • - court statement;
  • - the passport;
  • - a receipt for payment of the fine.


Step 1

After the expiration of a period of thirty days, the city traffic inspectorate sends a resolution on the imposition of a fine to the district department of the State Executive Service. Such a resolution can be sent to the district department at the place of residence, at the place of work or at the location of the property. If the fine is still not paid, bailiffs will be sent to the defaulter.

Step 2

Take the decree and passport and contact the bank, which accepts payment of administrative fines from individuals. In such a decree-receipt, be sure to check the presence of the serial number, the amount of the fine, and whether the date of imposition of the fine is indicated. And also the receipt must contain signatures - yours and the traffic police officer. Only such a resolution is properly executed and competent.

Step 3

Do not hide from the payment of a fine, otherwise it may be recovered from you at a double rate in a compulsory manner already by a court order. If you are unable to pay the fine on time, contact the traffic police with a request to postpone the payment of fines or pay in installments. Your application will be reviewed and you will be informed of the decision, which will indicate the possibility of obtaining an extension of the payment of the administrative fine.

Step 4

If you lose the order to pay the administrative fine, contact the cashier of the district traffic police department and try to pay the fine based only on your passport. This is possible if information about your fine is stored in a special database.

Step 5

Or go to the official website of the traffic police in the section "fines" and register. There you can find out all the information about the fines you have not paid, see the payment terms and the numbers of the orders-receipts. Print out the decree you need and contact the bank with it to pay the administrative fine.