How To Check The Pressure Switch

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How To Check The Pressure Switch
How To Check The Pressure Switch

Video: How To Check The Pressure Switch

Video: How To Check The Pressure Switch
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A pressure switch is a device designed to automatically turn on and off the working system when a predetermined pressure level is reached. In washing machines, it is the pressure switches that control the amount of water poured into. It is quite possible to determine and eliminate damage to the mechanism of the washing machine on your own.

How to check the pressure switch
How to check the pressure switch


  • - silicone or rubber hose;
  • - screwdriver


Step 1

A malfunction of the pressure switch can be diagnosed by several typical malfunctions in the operation of the washing machine: - the washing machine does not wring out the laundry; - the appearance of a burning smell from the tank; - in the "rinsing" mode, the evacuation pump and inlet valve are switched on alternately; - the heating element of the washing machine is constantly out of order machine; - the machine does not collect or overflows water.

Step 2

The position of the level sensor - pressure switch - depends on the make and model of the washing machine. A level switch is usually a cylinder with a thin rubber membrane that increases under air pressure. The transducer is connected to wires and a plastic tube leading to the pressure vessel

Step 3

To check the functionality of the washing machine pressure switch, it is necessary to disconnect the pressure hose. To do this, de-energize the washing machine and position it in such a way as to gain access to its back. Unscrew the fixing screws and remove the cover of the washing machine. Find the pressure switch and carefully disconnect the hose.

Step 4

Attach a piece of silicone or rubber hose of a suitable size in this place. Blow gently into it. Do not blow too hard - you could damage the relay. When switching the contact springs, a clicking sound should be audible. If your washing machine uses one level of water - you will hear one click, if two levels - two clicks, with the economy function - three clicks.

Step 5

Check the pressure pipes for cracks. Replace them if necessary. Carefully inspect the pressure switch membrane - if its surface has become porous, then the device will have to be replaced. Check sensor contacts. If they stick, clean them or install a new relay. Remove dirt and carefully connect all hose contacts.

Step 6

Despite the fact that most of the pressure switches look almost the same, it should be remembered that the pressure sensors are configured for a specific model of the washing machine. Therefore, when buying a new sensor, you need to know the brand, model and serial number of your equipment.