How To Darken Glass

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How To Darken Glass
How To Darken Glass

Video: How To Darken Glass

Video: How To Darken Glass
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Car glass tinting protects the eyes from glare and harmful ultraviolet radiation, helps preserve the upholstery from burning out, and also makes the glass safer if damaged. Can I darken the glass myself?

How to darken glass
How to darken glass


  • - tint film;
  • - rubber spatula;
  • - stationery knife;
  • - tissue paper or tracing paper;
  • - cotton rags.


Step 1

Darkening of glass in a car is achieved by gluing a special polyester transparent film to the glass of the car. It is attached to the inner side of the glass, which allows it to be protected from various external damage and the effects of rain and snow.

Step 2

Before buying a film, first decide on its color and degree of shading. Please note that there are special standards and heavily shaded glasses may need to be stripped of the film as this is a violation. Remember that the light transmittance of the front glass must be at least 75%. The most common colors for tinting are black and brown, but other shades are also possible, then select the color of the film in accordance with the color of the car.

Step 3

First, wash your car well, especially the glass. They should not be left with any greasy and dirty spots, traces of water streams. Wipe everything thoroughly dry.

Step 4

It is easier not to pull the glass out of the car door, but only to remove the seals for the duration of the operation.

Step 5

Then place the tissue paper against the glass and carefully trace its outlines with a pencil. Make a little headroom down. Cut this piece out neatly with scissors.

Step 6

Attach the template to the unfolded roll of film, mark and carefully transfer it to the film. Then slowly cut the blanks. One roll of film is enough for the glass of the car.

Step 7

Prepare a special mixture in advance: stir detergent or shampoo in warm water. Now thoroughly moisten the inside of the washed and dried glass with this mixture (you can use a spray bottle or a piece of cotton cloth).

Step 8

Gently glue the film to the glass with a dark layer inward. Flatten carefully to avoid the slightest creases. Carry out the work very carefully and with clean hands. After leveling, moisten the outside of the glued film, touch up again. Use a spatula to squeeze the bubbles out from under the film. Wipe it with a dry cloth.

Step 9

After drying, carefully replace the seals.