How Is Hemp Oil Made

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How Is Hemp Oil Made
How Is Hemp Oil Made

Video: How Is Hemp Oil Made

Video: How Is Hemp Oil Made
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To obtain hemp oil, cold-pressed presses are used. This technology allows you to preserve all the useful substances of this plant in the product.

Hemp is used to produce oil with healing properties
Hemp is used to produce oil with healing properties


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Not all types of cannabis are drug-containing plants. The overwhelming majority of them have long been used for household needs: fabrication, oil, extracts. Previously, every peasant family knew how to get the necessary products from this plant, but today this technology has turned out to be unclaimed.

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Known for its healing properties, hemp oil is made from the seeds of the plant. To get it at home, you need a hand press. The principle of its operation, as a rule, resembles a meat grinder equipped with a very fine sieve. This tool is not very expensive and easy to assemble, therefore it is optimal for use at home.

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Making hemp oil using a cold press is simple: you need to put cannabis seeds in the oil press and start squeezing the piston. In the process of pressing, the cake will be separated, and the oil will first drip from the lower hole of the working cylinder, and then will flow in a thin stream.

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At first, its color will be dark green, but after a short settling, large fractions will settle to the bottom, and the liquid will noticeably brighten. From 1 kg of seeds in this way, you can get at least 350 g of hemp oil. In its preparation, exclusively cold pressing is used, since it allows you to preserve the most valuable substances of this product - polyunsaturated fatty acids.

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On an industrial scale, the release of this product was resumed in Altai. Cold pressed cannabis is also used here, but with the help of powerful presses. The manufacturing technology is simple and similar to the previous one: seeds that have been sifted and cleaned from dirt and various impurities are poured into a special container, after which they begin to squeeze. Further, containers with oil are transported to another workshop, where it is clarified and packaged. The volume of production is currently so small that it cannot cover the needs of the domestic consumer.

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To make hemp oil yourself, you will need the seeds of this plant. There are 22 varieties of cannabis that are drug-free. But only three of their species are currently cultivated in Russia. Moreover, the scale of cultivation is too small to provide everyone who wants to start the production of hemp oil for their own needs at home. Therefore, it will be difficult to get the product necessary for this purpose, but it is possible. To do this, you need to write off the hemp farms and order cannabis seeds from them.