Why China Is Not Like All Countries

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Why China Is Not Like All Countries
Why China Is Not Like All Countries

Video: Why China Is Not Like All Countries

Video: Why China Is Not Like All Countries
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Unique culture and ancient history, together with unique local characteristics, make China one of the most extraordinary countries in the world. In addition to the fact that the Celestial Empire is huge in size and also the largest population in the world, the country's economy is experiencing a real boom, which has made China the world's largest exporter.

Why China is not like all countries
Why China is not like all countries

Uniqueness of the banking system

Last but not least, the country's economic recovery is achieved due to the low exchange rate of the Chinese yuan. All the world's superpowers are trying to strengthen their currency, allowing only low annual inflation, while China manages to enrich itself due to the fact that, in dollar terms, the cost of wages is extremely low here.

Internal visas

Chinese citizens do not have the right to freely enter Macau and Hong Kong. These areas, although they are administrative regions of China, are actually independent territories. Therefore, to enter these areas, residents of the Middle Kingdom need to obtain an internal visa.

One hundred million-plus cities

In addition to the fact that China has the largest population in the world - about two billion, this country has about a hundred cities with a population of more than one million. For comparison, there are 11 such cities in Russia, 5 in Ukraine, and 1 in France.

Subway behind plastic

In almost all cities with metro, metro stations are equipped with transparent walls for the safety of passengers, separating the platform from the tracks. This is explained by the fact that during boarding, a huge crush is created at the stations, arising from the fact that the Chinese are absolutely not used to letting passengers get off the train.

No kissing in public

It is not customary in China to show emotions in public places. So, having kissed a girl on the street, a young man can run into public censure. Hugging and holding hands are also not welcome in this country.

Gymnastics for seniors

In the parks, you can often find elderly people who practice Taiji. To foreigners, this lesson reminds the slowed-down techniques of martial arts. Thus, the Chinese are replacing gymnastics. None of the local residents are embarrassed by such exercises.

Security guards dressed in police uniforms

It is very rare to see police on the streets of China. On the other hand, security officers prefer to dress like police officers, believing that this kind of looks gives them more respect.

Chinese names

Not many countries in the world have a tradition of inventing local names for visitors. But this is exactly what they consider necessary to do in China. Since the locals find it difficult to pronounce foreign names, they definitely come up with Chinese counterparts for foreigners in order to better remember them.

Most smoking country

China is the most smoking country in the world. About 90 out of a hundred adult residents of the Celestial Empire smoke. The only good news is that there are practically no smokers among young girls.