How To Get The Yves Rocher Catalog

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How To Get The Yves Rocher Catalog
How To Get The Yves Rocher Catalog

Video: How To Get The Yves Rocher Catalog

Video: How To Get The Yves Rocher Catalog
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The first catalog of his products - "The Green Book of Beauty" - the creator of herbal cosmetics Yves Rocher released in 1965. He decided not only to place all cosmetics in it, but also to describe the beneficial properties of each component. Thanks to this catalog, men and women can find out which products are suitable for their daily care.

How to get a catalog
How to get a catalog


the Internet


Step 1

Use the Internet and find the address of the Yves Rocher Beauty Center nearest you. Today there are more than 100 of them, they are located in many cities of Russia. When you visit the store, experienced consultants will tell you how to get the Yves Rocher catalog, which will help you choose effective care products and natural decorative cosmetics for yourself. In addition, you will be able to take advantage of the company's numerous bonus offers.

Step 2

Purchase any product from this company. Upon purchase, you will be offered to become a regular customer of Yves Rocher and will be given a fresh catalog. Unlike the catalogs of other companies, the Green Book of Beauty is regularly updated with fresh information. The manufactured products of the Yves Rocher company are constantly being improved, enriched with new components, which is the result of painstaking scientific work of scientists in the field of researching the regenerating and healing properties of plants. Since 1989, all products have been free from animal products. New original products for hair, body, and decorative cosmetics appear.

Step 3

Check out the catalog on the company's website. You will be able to find out about the directions you are interested in, new products and special offers that Yves Rocher is constantly working on and presents excellent gifts. In addition, the catalog contains not only unique information about the properties of plants, but also contains tips on who and how best to use the company's products, how to apply decorative cosmetics, how to take care of nails, etc.

Step 4

Register on the company's website and fill out the form with postal data to receive the Yves Rocher catalog by mail.

Step 5

Use the services of the Yves Rocher online store. After reviewing all the information you are interested in, contact the customer service department for the necessary advice and clarify for yourself all your questions, including the receipt of the Green Book of Beauty.