What Herb Helps With Parasites

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What Herb Helps With Parasites
What Herb Helps With Parasites

Video: What Herb Helps With Parasites

Video: What Herb Helps With Parasites
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Herbs that have a bitter, spicy or pungent taste and a pungent odor help with parasites. First of all, these are wormwood, tansy, yarrow, chamomile, thyme, mint, etc. In combination with spices and herbs, they show high results. In folk medicine, phyto-gatherings from parasites are well known under the name "Russian troichts". Competently prepared and properly taken, they relieve a person of many types of worms.

What herb helps with parasites
What herb helps with parasites

How herbs act on parasites

Bitter herbs and their collections have a paralyzing effect on many types of parasites, i.e. deprive them of their motor ability, as a result of which the worms are detached (detached) from the tissues of those organs in which they live. The effect is enhanced if spices and herbs are added to the herbs - pepper, cloves, cinnamon, ginger, etc. The vital activity of parasites is noticeably inhibited, and they are freely excreted from the body. Moreover, these fees also act as an anti-inflammatory, choleretic and healing agent that can destroy the infection and cleanse the body of toxins and toxins.

Attention! When taking herbs and herbal preparations from parasites, the dosage should be strictly observed. Too high and concentrated doses (which many sin, believing that the larger and stronger the portion of the decoction or infusion, the faster it will act on the worms) can cause serious poisoning and even be fatal. At the same time, the underestimated concentration of antiparasitic herbs also acts negatively - the behavior of the worms takes an aggressive form, and they begin to actively move throughout the body, crawling even into unusual places for them and laying eggs in other internal organs. In any case, when deciding to get rid of parasites with the help of herbs, it is simply necessary to consult a doctor.

Russian troichetka number 1

You will need bitter wormwood, which acts on round and tapeworms, tansy flowers, which get rid of pinworms and roundworms, and carnation seeds, which can destroy the larvae and eggs of parasites. Troichetka destroys more than 100 types of worms, as well as some types of fungus, bacteria and viruses.

Take these components in the following ratio:

- bitter wormwood - 1 part;

- tansy flowers - 4 parts;

- clove seeds - 2 parts.

Mix all ingredients. Brew 1 tbsp. collecting with a glass of boiling water, wrap it with a warm handkerchief and let it brew for half an hour (you can brew the herbs in a thermos). Take a decoction of 3 tablespoons. 30 minutes before meals. You do not need to drink or eat, you will have to endure the bitterness. But the best reception of the broth is considered to be from 00.00 to 3.00 (from 12 to 3 am), because it is during this period that parasites are most active and susceptible to food and drink entering the body.

There is another option for taking triad No. 1: grind all the components of the collection in a mortar and take in the form of a powder. The scheme is as follows: on the first day, half an hour before breakfast, take 1 tsp. powder (without a slide), drink 0.5 cups of warm water; on the second day, take the same portion in the morning and the same portion in the evening; on the third day, take 1 tsp. powder half an hour before meals three times a day. On the third day, continue treatment until the end of the week, then reduce the portion to 1 tsp. per day (according to the scheme of the first day) and take the triad in this way for a month. If necessary, repeat the course in six months.

Russian troichetka number 2

The composition of this phyto-collection was developed by V. A. Ivanchenko as a safer antiparasitic agent in comparison with triad №1. This collection does not have strong toxic properties, and, meanwhile, helps people get rid of worms with a fairly high efficiency.

Russian trochatka №2 is a collection consisting of calendula flowers (marigolds), calamus roots and caraway seeds, taken in a ratio of 3: 1, 5: 1, 5, respectively. Thoroughly grind all the components in a mortar and take in the form of a powder, like triad №1, but daily use for 1 tsp. extend three times a day to 2 weeks, and after that limit such a three-time intake to once a week (determine the day for yourself and do not break the "schedule"). Stick to this scheme for another 2, 5 months.