How To Avoid Calluses On Your Fingers When You Write A Lot

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How To Avoid Calluses On Your Fingers When You Write A Lot
How To Avoid Calluses On Your Fingers When You Write A Lot

When writing between the fingers that hold the pen, you may experience discomfort, abrasions and even calluses. You can easily avoid such troubles if you follow some rules.

How to avoid calluses on your fingers when you write a lot
How to avoid calluses on your fingers when you write a lot

Any damage to the skin, be it a callus or abrasion, negatively affects a person's condition. Constant pain, itching, discomfort is very annoying, especially if you have to touch the sore spot over and over again. This is exactly what happens when a callus appears on the finger from active writing. After that, it becomes almost impossible to pick up the handle again and work at the same speed. But there are several ways you can avoid getting calluses on your fingers.

Find the right handle

A properly sized pen will help you avoid inconvenience when writing. The handle should fit well in the hand, not slip. It is better if its surface is not ribbed, but smooth, then the risk of getting scuffs and calluses will be reduced. It is better to have a rubber pad on the pen, which should also not slip, so as not to interfere with you when writing texts or documents. This rubber pad will provide soft protection for your fingers and prevent the development of calluses.

It is best to choose good pens that are in a price range well above standard and economical prices. The surface of these handles is specially designed to protect your hands. You can also purchase a special pen, for example, for first graders, with a lock that will prevent chafing on your fingers. It happens that calluses appear when changing a pen, so it is best to have one writing device, and change only paste or ink in it.

Another option to avoid bumps and calluses on your fingers while you work is to change the letter to print. Today, a computer is the most convenient device for creating documents, and almost everyone has it. Of course, for comfortable possession, you will have to learn a lot and master the speed dialing system, but when there are too many documents, this method is one of the most practical for accurate document management. In addition, you can keep such texts in two versions - printed and electronic, which is also convenient.

If a callus occurs

If the callus nevertheless arises, you need to stop working for a while, lubricate the callus with medicinal ointment and seal it with a plaster. By the way, the patch will be well used to protect against skin damage. If the risk of a callus is high, you already notice that the skin on your finger has been damaged, discomfort and pain appear - cover your finger with a piece of plaster, this will protect your hands from the negative consequences of such active writing.

To quickly eliminate calluses, do soothing baths, apply cotton wool dipped in chamomile broth to your finger, or get a callus ointment at the pharmacy. Do not peel off the corn until it is completely healed, otherwise infection may enter the wound.